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Converting from the dark age

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Hi all,

my name is Enno. I am from Germany and for our English friend: that is my given name - not an abbreviation of short for anything else. And it is pronounced like you spelling the letters "N" and then "O"). I also guess that you now don't need any explanation for my forum user name :classic:.

I am mid forty and I do have two little children (5 & 7) who have just started to be extremely fond with lego (definitely attracted to the "City" Theme and Lego Railroad [which is a also City Theme ... as you all know]). As my daughter is also very attracted to computing, she got the WeDo (Lego Education) packages for Christmas.

This was my first contact to Lego Technics parts! And I loved them. In my youth we had LEGO (what a surprise) but I was definitely more attracted to Fischertechnic as that time: Lego had no motors, no gears, no belts, no beams, no axles, .. you probably know what I am aiming at! And Fishertechnik had pneumatics (although I never had that, because prices where way out of bounds for me at that age) and electronics [but no computer interfacing].

So via WeDo I get to know LEGO Technics and from there to PowerFuction, Pneumatics and Mindstorms ...

And while browsing the internet I came along the LEGO 8110 Unimog set. Nice: Lego Technics, PF and Pneumatics combined. Just for fun it took a look at the building instructions ... amazing all these gears. Then I wondered if that set can drive. And thus Google brought me to Eurobricks - and to the instructions how I can make it drive. And while reading through the more than 60 thread pages, looking at unbelievable MOCs I came along the "NXTified Unimog Video" ... and that was when I was done! (Actually I was probably done before ... ).

I pretty fast learned what AFOL meant, what dark age referred to, what Bricklink is and how I needed to use ist and also that Eurobricks is really nice to read and look through. And then I learned that one need to post to get some more options ... guess why I am writing here.

Still it took nearly two weeks to find out how to minimize the extreme financial impact on my savings account, especially as I could not do with only one set (remember: two kids - OK I agree: weak excuse :laugh:). So far I deem that I have been quite successfully with that (NXT for 222€ and 8043 for 124€ incl. shipping) - although it meant waiting for delivery in the first week of May. 139€ for 8110 is also OK ... considering it will be " to go" in the shop around the corner. I can recall having seen it for 133€ + shipping in the net - but I think I don't want to wait any longer than Monday!

So that's my story. Sorry it became so long ... but I guess I am still over excited.

Seeing the LEGO sun soon.

Regards, Enno.

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Thank you for your friendly welcome! And I am sure I will enjoy this community: there is so much interesting information here and so many breath taking MODs that I love looking at (being sure that I will never be able to achieve such a mastery level, but still can't get enough from looking at them).

The 8110 is now presorted ... build will start this weekend!

Cheers. Enno.

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