[MOC + MOD] SWTOR Encounter on Hoth

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Please be kind this is my first time showing one of these off in public :blush:

It's a still somewhat evolving MOC of the Star Wars The Old Republic "Hot Rigged Speeder Bike" complete with player character Chiss Bounty Hunter at the helm.

The Speeder Bike is the pure MOC. I cobbled together an expanded display setting for it using the Hoth Wampa Cave (8089). The minifigs are just some that were recobbled together to roughly approximate the (un)trustworthy crew of the (stolen) D5 Mantis, as they go about their mercenary ways.

UPDATE :laugh:

OK managed to improve the MOC part of this quite a bit. I managed to find a way to add the red cowlings to the engines. Not quite perfect on the angles, but probably as close as I am going to get.



I hope not half bad compared to the subject in question? (At least for a rank amateuer at this working in minifig scale :sceptic: )


I was also able to make a few minor improvements on the Hoth encounter base for it. Mainly to better tune the figs just a hair. I found a Ninjago head that was a better match for a Deveronian, and dropped a BrickForge chest piece on the player character Bounty Hunter that is an almost perfect match for the ingame armor. (I know I know not truly purist... But it matches my 'toon damit!!!! This is one of those points where the psychology of the Lego enthusuiast and the psychology of the MMO enthusiast come into conflict. :hmpf: )



Just for those curious (and just ignore for those not)here is a rough idea of what I have been trying to do minifig wise. ( granted it's an MMO so the looks evolve as you change what the companion NPC's are wearing, but I have been trying to get close)


The Player Character armor - In my case a female Chiss Bounty Hunter. Heavy Armor in a sort of Mandalorian styling. So Ayala Secura head, hairpiece from Series 6 Skater girl (sadly one of the design flaws in my speeder is I just don't have room to allow for a longer hairpiece). Principally Arc Trooper body with the red Brickforge chest on top. Weapons are Alien Conquest pistols.

Mako - Fairly easy as she's basically just a scroungy mercenary/smuggler type garb with dark hair pulled back and up. The "Flamenco Dancer" Hairpiece from the Series 6 minifigs is just perfect for her. I dressed her out in Cad Bane's outfit otherwise. Standard Clone pistol.

Gault - Essentially a red devils head, and something that vaguely resembles Imperial Officers gear. And a big sniper rifle.

Torien - The blonde haired prettyboyband type nitwit. Clone armor in a sort of greenish tinge. A two headed power staff type weapon and that Luke Skywalker wind blown fly away hairdo. Needless to say we let the Wampa eat him. Frequently.

And some rough examples of what they are supposed to look like;





And the next two to figure out in the minifig creation chain


(ok that one is easy. Expensive... but easy) :tongue:


That one being less easy... :sceptic:

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Hi, I like it, the crew look good, as does the speeder, the scene isn't too busy and really gives you a sense of atmosphere :)

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This just looks great! I love the overall shape of the speeder bike. Nice job!

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