The Hellhound

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IMG_0218 by skapunkplaything, on Flickr

The Hellhound is a more developed version of my previous gunships.


IMG_0217 by skapunkplaything, on Flickr

Given the name due to it's colour scheme, or vice versa, it is meant to look pretty dangerous.


IMG_0220 by skapunkplaything, on Flickr

Armed with one dorsal cannon, as well as multiple rocket launchers (the orange 1x2 studs facing front), the ship is more than armed enough to cause trouble.


IMG_0219 by skapunkplaything, on Flickr

The Hellhound was an experiment in SNOT really, and a ship I've been meaning to build for a while. A hefty, dangerous looking gunship ran by unscrupulous mercenaries and bounty hunters, infamous around the galaxy for all the wrong reasons.


The Hellhound by skapunkplaything, on Flickr

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