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New to minifigure customizing.

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Hi all

After a couple of years of wanting to, I've finally made the jump into customizing, I've ordered some waterslide decals and some pieces I think I'll need from bricklink for the customs I want to create.

I have a few questions though, mainly about water slide decals.

I'm wanting to use a light flesh colour decal on black head and I'm not sure whether it's going to work on a black head, has anyone done any experiments to show how each colour turns on clear waterslide decals on dark colours?

If I was forced to print on white waterslide instead, how would I hide the white "edge" of the decal underneath the printing on a black head?

Lastly (for now) I can't see myself using an entire A4 waterslide page for the 5 or 6 decals I want to make, is there any tricks to "reprinting" on a page after you've cut out existing decals from it without getting jammed in the printer?

Oh one more thing I forgot...

is there an library somewhere of "official" decals, that is replications of official lego faces\bodies in decal form? I'd like to try and keep with the lego style of face and bodies and not deviate from that like some decals seem to do. I figured if there is a library of existing ones I could use them as a guide as well as possibly even cutting and pasting eyes\mouths etc from various ones to achieve the results I'm after.

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Answers to many (not all) of your questions can be found in our Index and Guidelines topic.

First of all, there yo can find the Indexes (more or less one for each theme/area), which include a lot of LEGO-based or LEGO-styled decals collected through time.

Then you'll find the Tutorials, full of useful information and advices, like the Waterslide decal paper resource discussion. Some more discussion and consideratins on colour consistency and use of different colours (no black pieces, though) on different decal papers can be found in this topic.

Lastly, this is a must for any customiser who uses decals. :wink:

Hope these help you in some way.

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