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Double Superheroes review

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Hello everyone and welcome to my double superheroes review :classic: . Both of these sets were released a couple of weeks back. In this review I hope to decide once and for all which of these sets I believe is better for your money. These two sets have many similarities so lets get to the stats.

First of Wolverine's chopper showdown.

Set number: 6866



Price: £19.99


and 26,99 in euros

Now onto Loki's cosmic cube escape.

Set number: 6867



Price: £19.99


and 26,99 in euros

Now already we can see the similarities. Both contain 3 figs, are the same price and are the same age ranges. Before I go any futher I would just like to say the following... to me the age range on any set means nothing. However if you are looking for a younger builder then both these sets are pretty easy to build more on that latter though. The only difference is the pieces the chopper showdown gets 18 more pieces. This doesn't really make much difference though.

So lets look in depth at Wolverine's chopper showdown.


So heres the box and I have to say it looks great on the outside I love the cartoon wolverine minifig in the corner and the visual impact of the box. Straight away we know what were getting which is always helpful :laugh:.


Heres the side of the box which shows this great image of Wolverine and below is the image of the back023.jpg

I really like the comic strip look of the back it really suits the theme. We see a couple of images of Deadpool and Wolverine fighting and the play features.

As with any set this size we get 1 instruction manual and also included is a comic book which includes 3 stories the first is a comic of Captain America fighting some aliens on a bridge. The second story is about the set and is a short story set in the jungle with Wolverine tracking Deadpool into his secret base. Lastly the final story is about the Avengers travelling the world and collecting parts of the LEGO Club sign.

We get three bags in this set.029.jpg

There are some really cool parts in this set in mainly black and dark red. The helmet piece comes in a tiny bag inside the big bag.030.jpg

Next lets look at the minifigs. As i've alredy mentioned we get three Wolverine, Deadpool and Magneto.


these figs are great I can't stress enough how awesome they look. Each comes with back printing and Magneto and Wolverine come with angry faces.



The vehicles in this set are well I guess there ok we kind off get three.

We get Deadpool's chopper, Wolverine's bike and Magneto's metal disc platform.

Wolverine's bike is a bit dull it's a standard black bike base with a bley body and a clear headlight.

I was quite disapointed with this as lego has produce the same bike twice before and both of those versions included printing on the side sthat really added detail to the bike.

Deadpools chopper was again in my opinion a little bit of a disapointment.

The front of the chopper is very blocky. I don't like the windscreen on it. I know that there isn't really anything else they could have used but in reminds me for somereason of late 90's lego. I think in modern times with all of the possible curved bricks that could have been used to make the front a bit more attractive its a little bit of a letdown. The chopper fits two figs one in the back and one in the cockpit.


The chopper comes with 4 flickfire missles that can swivel up and down. Overall I do like this set and although i'm a bit critical of the chopper it is still pretty cool. Its very sturdy and a fun build.

Before we give it a final rating lets take a look at what its up against.

Loki's cosmic cube escape. Heres the box.


Again its a very cool box with the same style (which I was expecting as there from the same wave :laugh:).

Again with the back of the box


It has the comic book style that makes this set look all the more awesome.

1 instruction book again with a comic.



The comic contains the same Captain America story and the same LEGO Club story. The second story in the book relates to the set. I won't talk about this one however as it may contain a small spoiler for the avengers film. However its just as good as Wolverine's comic.

We also get a sticker sheet.


These are a cool bunch of stickers. If you don't want to paste them on this truck then they will look great on a S.H.I.E.L.D headquaters MOC.

We get 2 bags with a smaller bag in the larger of the 2.


Also Loki's helmet comes in a small bag inside the larger one

Onto the figs next and again we get 3 Ironman, Hawkeye and Loki.




Both Ironman and Hawkeye have angry faces and Loki dosen't which is a shame. Loki also comes with the same head of Lex Luthor with that said the face does suit Loki.




Loki also doesn't have back printer where as Ironman and Hawkeye do.

Next lets take a look at the truck. We only get one vehicle in this set but it is great. Take a look at this hansome beast.





The truck comes with a cool litle play feature where if you stand a character on the bley plank and slam your finger on the red handle. Then the fig goes flying through the air. Thats right Ironman can fly :laugh: . The truck comes with two side mounted flick fire missles. I'm not a fan of flick fires but on the chopper the missles look like part of the set here they look really out of place. The truck has two hinged doors which are always great in a set.

Heres a couple of pics showing the truck without the missles.



The set also comes with a 1x1 clear brick that's used as the cosmic cube.

So now we get to the main event the big fight so to say....

In terms of minifigs its a hard call. all six figures are great the only way to decide this is sudden death.

In sudden death I will split the figs into 3 groups. Each fig will fight his oposite in the corisponding set.

So... Ironman vs Wolverine

This is a draw I'm affraid as both of these figs will in my opion increase in price over the next few months and are both extremely cool. The claws on Wolverine are just fantastic. Ironman's helmet is also great. When I saw the toy fair pics I thought it looked big. Howvever the real helmet is pretty good its a tiny bit big but in all honesty it's no bigger than Batman's cowl. Plus the helmet comes with a hinged front that shows Tony Starks face.

So with regret it s a draw ok onto round two...

Loki vs Magneto

Both of these villians are great for any collector. The helmets are great and the details are also great. Loki's staff makes up for his missing back printing and angry face. I really love the purple on Magneto and both faces. It's close too close so again its a draw.

Right this is it Hawkeye vs Deadpool

this is a no brainer for me Deadpool wins hands down. The awesome swords and alien conquest gun really make this fig stand out from the rest. In fairness to Hawkeye he is pretty cool but i don't like the angry face for him he looks strange. The hairpiece is good however and the detail on him is great but I'm sorry it has to be Deadpool. The second reason for this is I think that the price of Deadpool will increase to a higher amount than Hawkeye.

So in the minifig round the winner is THE CHOPPER SHOWDOWN!!!

So on to the next fight which is the vehicles.

Now here its all about quality and not quantity. Just because the chopper showdown doesn't have stickers and comes with 3....ok 2 modes of transport doesn't mean it will win. Thats because its not i'm giving this round to the S.H.I.E.L.D truck. Simply because of how beautiful it is. The curves and mean muscle front really give this model the edge. It looks great and the guard rales at the front make this vehicle really stand out. If your building a Avengers MOC then I would really recomend getting a couple of these as there just fantasic. Just remove the flick fires and there ready to go.

So its all tie up at 1-1 which is not good news for me as the price round is pointless as they cost the same. Plus theres not enough bricks to really make a difference.

So now its down to me I personally like the truck more than the chopper just because of the beautiful curves when compared with the blocky cockpit. All six figures are great and deserve to be in any collection.

So although Loki's comsic cube escape wins I would seriously recomend picking up both sets. I have to admit that I held off from all superheroes sets this year so far and I saw the chopper showdown and just had to buy it there and then (I have to add however that the shop didn't stock the cosmic cube escape). The next day i saw the cube escape and the same feeling hit me in the face. Both sets are brilliant examples of such a great year we have with us this year. So in conclusion if your a collector then get the chopper as the figs are rarer. If your looking for a good solid vehicle that looks great then get the cube escape. If you can afford it then get them both before there gone.

At this point I would just like to thank anyone who has read this review battle. This is my first review and all feedback is welcome :sweet:.

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Nice reviews! I agree, the Chopper set is nice, but the CCE looks pretty cool, and it has the three main characters in the Avengers! (Yes, Hawkeye is a main character.)

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Excellent double review, 'Sam892'! :classic:

These are definitely going to be the next Super Heroes sets I'm picking up. They're both amazing! :thumbup:

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Excellent review Sam892 (hey that rhymes :tongue: ) I already have the SHIELD truck and I agree it's amazing :wub: .I will probably pick up wolverine's chopper showdown at the weekend :sceptic: or might just wait and get the quinjet first,anyway again great "double review' :thumbup: it was "twice as fun" :tongue: (wow that was terrible :laugh: )

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