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Hello everybody,

LEGO usually opens a Technic challenge "Take the Challenge" every year around March.

The web page is still working but they have not open this year's challenge yet.

Does anybody know why?


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Well, here are the possible reasons that there is no LEGO.com "Technic Challenge" for 2012 (like there was for 2010 and 2011):

1) If you look at the LEGO.com TECHNIC website, the "Latest Blog Entry" is dated over 2 months ago. That indicates that there is little contribution by the Technic Designers on their own website. :sceptic:

2) The past two annual competitions have been marred by many PLAGIARIZED entries, month after month. People have tried to get credit for other people's work by submitting entries that were not theirs. The plagiarized entries were caught and "weeded out" only through the actions of the members of this forum; the Technic staff seemed somewhat disinterested in conducting a fair competition. I recall about 5 months (out of the two years) where easily-recognizable PLAGIARIZED entries were submitted (sometimes by the SAME GUY, two months in a row). I think this is what "doomed" the competition more than anything. :thumbdown:

3) There may be only so many Technic categories (cars, aircraft, cranes, etc.) for which one can conduct a wide competition. Maybe TLG ran out of good ideas. The "Take the TECHNIC Challenge" competitions could come back in future years.


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Something is changing about this...


New big LEGO Technic challenge competition this fall

Hi LEGO Technic fans!

Some of you might wonder if we will start the LEGO Technic challenge soon, as it has been the tradition for the past couple of years. So we want to give you a little update on what you can look forward to this year.

In the LEGO Technic team we are currently working on an exciting new competition, with a grand price never seen before in LEGO Technic history! We know you will love this competition and we can also reveal that it includes a completely new gallery for you to upload and share your fantastic creations.

The competition will launch around October 2012 and we encourage all of your to stay tuned on Technic.lego.com for more information.

This also means that we will not launch our usual Technic challenge this spring, since we have much better things to come very soon.

In other news from the LEGO Technic team, we can reveal that we are currently working on our 2013 models, and we are so excited about how cool and awesome they are. Actually so happy that it’s very hard not to show them to you already, but sorry, you will have to wait :)

Have a great day!

The LEGO Technic team.

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