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RMS Titanic sinking centenary - Nearer my God, to Thee

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Goodnight everyone,

from an early age on I have always had this fascination with Titanic which eventually led to building a primitive version of the ship in LEGO and letting it sink in the little pool in the backyard. (Which wasn't that difficult since LEGO isn't waterproof...)

But anyway, my fascination re-ignited this year with the centenary of the sinking, and I have been doing all kinds of stuff for it. (I just got home from watching the movie in 3D, this showing took place almost exactly one hundred years after the disaster so I'm glad to have relived it again at such a special moment.)

I've made a MOC for this moment aswell, which I'll be posting in the general themes subforum after this thread.

As for as this thread is concerned, I have made my first duet with myself to commemorate the centenary. Being a musician myself, I really admire Titanic's band for playing untill the very end. According to the legend they played the hymne "Nearer my God, to Thee", so that song seemed fitting.

The balance between the two sounds seems to change during the video, I think it's due to my primitive splitscreen software. My apologies for that.

Enjoy the song and let me know what you think. Feel free to share anything related to the centenary of RMS Titanic's last moments.


Gaetano Dooms


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