Review: 6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown

6866 Wolverine's Chopper Showdown  

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"Hi, everyone! It's me, Deadpool! Don't worry, I'm not here to kill you. Well, not yet anyway. I was asked to help out with this review."


"Ooh, what do we have here? A Lego X-Men set with me in it? Sweet! I always wanted to be a minifigure!"



Set Number: 7598

Name: Wolverine's Chopper Showdown

Theme: Super Heroes

Subtheme: Marvel Universe

Year of Release: 2012

Pieces: 201

Minifigs: 3

Price: $19.99 USD

S@H description:

Help Wolverine to escape Magneto and Deadpool in their missile-loaded helicopter!

Oh no, Magneto and Deadpool are attacking Wolverine with their helicopter. Help him to escape! Dodge the missiles and make a quick getaway on Wolverine's Chopper before Magneto traps Wolverine with his magnetic powers. Includes 3 minifigures: Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool.

• Includes 3 minifigures: Wolverine, Magneto and Deadpool

• Vehicles include Deadpool's helicopter and Wolverine's Chopper

• Deadpool's helicopter features 4 adjustable flick missiles, rotating main rotor and twin rear rotors, removable cockpit canopy and holders for Deadpool's swords

• Accessories include 2 swords

• Fire the missiles!

• Escape on the chopper!

• Adjust the missiles to aim at your target!

• Deadpool's helicopter measures over 4" (11cm) high and 9" (23cm) long

• Wolverine's Chopper measures over 1" (4cm) high and 2" (6cm) long

Brickset Bricklink Brickshelf

The Box

Okay, let's start with the box. It has about the same size as the Superman set, but it's designed to stand horizontally instead of vertically. It has the same dark red design as the other Marvel Universe sets, except it has an illustration of Wolverine in the top right corner and the X-Men logo in the corner below it. The frame matches the colors of the helicopter quite nicely, and the (presumably Canadian) landscape in the background is also fitting. The depicted scene is very reminiscent to the one in X-Men Origins: Wolverine where he launches himself at a helicopter, although that one didn't involve Deadpool or Magneto.

"Hey, check out Logan chopping up that flick-fire missile up there! He must be an AFOL, seeing how much he seems to hate them!" :laugh:


The top of the box features the usual "Actual Size" image, using Wolverine as a reference.

"I think I would have made a better choice for that picture. That hair makes Wolverine look taller than he really is." :tongue:


The back of the box shows all the play features of the helicopter. As usual, the background is a tinted picture of the included comic book, and there is a cool picture of Wolverine in the lower right corner which can also be found on the side of the box.

"And don't forget that cool little picture of me crossing blades with Logan! The guy who designed the box must be foreign, though, because I have no idea what Skrakk means."


The Contents

Inside the box you will find an instructions booklet, the mentioned comic book, and three unnumbered bags.

"And hey, no stickers! I really like how they made a unique cover for this comic book! It looks really cool! Also, here you can see that Magneto's helmet comes in its own little bag, just like Loki's. I guess you could say he's got this showdown in the bag. Get it?" :head_back:


Here's a random instructions page. They're fairly easy to read and have clear part call-outs. The background has some long scratches over it as if Wolverine sharpened his claws on these instructions, and some pages have grayscale pictures of the minifigs from this set. I really like these little personalized touches that make this set stand out as an X-Men set.


What's also great is that each Marvel set comes with a personalized Lego Club ad.

"This one shows Wolverine doing what he does best, and what he does is apparently giving people vampire haircuts." :laugh:


Unlike the comics included in the DC sets, this comic book is actually not bad. It shows Deadpool attacking Wolverine inside some kind of bunker in the woods and then escaping.

"Check it out! I whooped Wolverine's but in just one panel! I'm such a badass."


It doesn't explain why Deadpool was hired to attack Wolverine or why he was in a bunker though, and it is left open ended with the two being held in the air by Magneto.

"Talk about a cliffhanger!"


The Minifigs

Just like all the Super Heroes sets, this one is all about the minifigs. You get the Number One X-Man Wolverine and his nemesis, Magneto. And for some reason TLG decided to include Deadpool, the Merc with a Mouth, as well. Not sure why they chose him, considering that there are much more iconic characters to choose from, but I'm glad that they did since he is a fan favorite.

"If you ask me, I don't know they wouldn't choose me! I'm awesome!" :grin:


All the minifigs are very detailed and fairly accurate to their original comic versions. Magneto could have done with some leg printing though, since it looks like he forgot to put his boots on. He is definitely being out shined by Deadpool who is accurate right down to his signature belt buckle! Interestingly, Wolverine's legs and torso are in the new, more orangey yellow.

"But isn't there something missing on Wolverine? Oh yeah, his mask. I wonder why they didn't include one for him. I mean, how often do we see Wolverine with his costume on, but with the mask off? Oh well, maybe it just got hot under that thing, so he took it off." :tongue:


Wolverine's claws are nice, but it is quite apparent that he's just holding them in his hands rather than them coming out of the back of them, especially in this side view. Not sure how they could have done it better, but I guess it could have been worse. They're made out of the same kind of soft plastic as the Prince of Persia Hassansin weapons. Magneto comes with a small plate which represents the metal platform that he usually uses to fly around. It's great because it helps the fig to not fall over.


They all have back printing too. Here we can see Wolverine's mask hanging down the back, which is not as nice as having an actual mask to put on him, but at least they show that it's there. However, my main gripe is that you can see the mouth of his angry face showing underneath his hair, but it's just a small design flaw.


That's right, Wolverine and Magneto both have reversible heads with an angry face on the other side. These figs wouldn't have been complete without them, and they look great!


Deadpool comes fully armed, as he should. He has two katanas and a sci-fi gun. I guess you could argue that he should have a more realistic weapon, but we all know how Lego feels about those, and this is based on comic books after all where sci-fi weapons are very common. Here he is with all his accessories.


The Build

First, you put together Wolverine's chopper. It doesn't take very long since it is only made out of seven pieces. It looks a bit plain, but still pretty good. It tends to look silly, though, when Wolverine tries to ride it with his claws out.



Next in the build is the other "chopper" in this showdown, Deadpool's helicopter. The build is pretty straight forward and there are no surprises.

"This is going to be a helicopter? At this point, it looks more like a boat to me."


The Completed Set

Once you are finished with the helicopter, this is what you get. It looks very nice with Deadpool's color scheme, and I'm glad they went with the much more ominous dark red than the boring regular red.

"It's like my helicopter is painted with blood." :devil:


It looks pretty good from the back too. The only thing that I don't get is the holes next to the tail boom. Are those the engines? If so, why do they go all the way into the cabin? Also, I have never heard of a helicopter with two tail rotors. Oh well.


It looks kind of bulky from the front, but that's a good thing since it is meant to be a military helicopter.


It looks pretty good from the side though. This helicopter features a new rotor design which uses those long, curved slopes. I like how they seem to hang down, but I don't like the 1x2 gap on each of them. Why didn't they use 1x6 plates instead of 1x4? :look:

Also, too bad there aren't any doors to close off the sides of the cabin.


What bothers me when looking at it from the back is that the tail fin is off to the left. It just feels needlessly asymmetrical, especially since everything else is so symmetrical. They could have easily fixed this with some jumper plates, but I guess they were trying to save on parts.


I like the way they rounded off the top, even though it reminds me of the UFOs from 3850 Meteor Strike.


There is a big 1x4 hole under the nose of the helicopter which bugs me a bit too, but at least it's usually not visible.


The Play Features

There is plenty of room for a minifig to stand inside the cabin. You wont be able to fit a lot figs in there though. The missile launchers can be aimed up and down by about 45 degrees. Also, there are clips on the side of them for attaching Deadpool's katanas while he is piloting the helicopter.

"It's not the most convenient or safe place to store my katanas, but at least it lets me fit inside the cockpit!"


The roof of the cockpit can be easily removed to seat Deadpool inside. But if you take a look inside the cockpit, you'll find another small design flaw...


Spare Parts

The spare parts are the usual small bits: some studs, a Technic pin, and a cheese slope. Oh, and an extra set of Wolverine's claws, which is good since they're exclusive and could get lost.

"Cool! I could add those to my arsenal!"



Design: 4/5 - It's a decent helicopter, but it does have some holes and gaps and other small design flaws, but those can easily be fixed with some modding. It definitely looks like something Deadpool would fly, although considering that Deadpool has a teleportation device in his belt, the question of why he would need a helicopter remains. I guess this is one of those times where his teleporter isn't working.

Build: 2/5 - A fairly simple build with hardly any interesting techniques or challenges.

Minifigs: 4.5/5 - The minifigs look great and very accurate, but Wolverine needs a real mask, and Magneto could use some leg printing, but other than that, it's a great selection of minifigs that shouldn't be missing in any Marvel collection!

Playability: 4/5 - I have always liked Lego helicopters since they're fun to play with, and this one is no exception. The aimable missile launchers are a nice touch, and together with Wolverine's bike, there's a lot of fun to be had.

Parts: 4/5 - Nothing too exciting, but the gray chopper mold is exclusive, and who could say no to so much dark red? :drool:

Price: 5/5 - At 201 pieces for $20, the price-to-piece ration is at the golden 10 cents per piece, and considering it has three exclusive minifigs, there's nothing to complain about.

Overall: 4.5/5 - This is pretty much the Marvel counterpart to the Superman set. It's in the $20 price range, has three cool and exclusive characters, it's the only set in its wave that is based on a different franchise, and is therefore a must-buy. The helicopter could have been designed better, but it still looks good and is fun to play with.

Deadpool's rating: A for Awesome - "This is a really cool set! It's practically all about me and my helicopter, with Logan and Magneto thrown in for good measure. Honestly, I think they should have called it Deadpool's Chopper Showdown instead. I can really recommend you to get it! Because if you don't, I will kill you. :angry: Nah, just kidding. :laugh: ... Or am I?" :devil:

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed this review and that you found the comments of my co-reviewer Deadpool helpful. :tongue: You can find all the images in this brickshelf folder.

Have an X-cellent day! :classic:


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:laugh: Great (and hillarious) review OKY. I love the Wolverine haircut picture LEGO put in the back. (and an extra thanks to Deadpool for his help with the review. :classic:

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Great review, Yes?

Nice to know someone has read a Deadpool comic book too.

Some lovely shots of the models and minifigs. I like the Helicopter as a model - playable.

I'm hoping for a next wave of X-men sets.

Thanks Oky!

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Haha, I've been waiting for a review of this! While this set has its flaws, like the asymmetrical tail fin, it's still one of the better sets of the Marvel wave. A must buy IMO :thumbup:

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Another good review. The pictures are as usual great and really show the set well. To kind of explain why Deadpool is here, which you may have already read the thread. But The Joker1 made a MOC explaining the scenario, from the comics. When I first saw pictures of these, I thought about using the CMF boxer gloves in blue and have the blades on top. The gloves may be a bit bulky, but being blue gloves, they'd be pretty accurate. I suppose they could've refined the glove shape a bit. I also would've preferred his mask to he hairpiece.

Oh, thanks to you too Deadpool. I know you really did all the work. Plus...I don't want to die.

Edited by Legocrazy81

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Thanks! Glad you liked it. Just to clear a few things up:

Nice to know someone has read a Deadpool comic book too.

Actually, I haven't. :blush: All I know about Deadpool is just based on his appearance in the Hulk VS. Wolverine cartoon and what I read about him on the internet, as well as some fan work, including those of ItsJustSomeRandomGuy and Deadpool And Friends (which are highly recommended by the way :thumbup: ).

To kind of explain why Deadpool is here, which you may have already read the thread. But The Joker1 made a MOC explaining the scenario, from the comics.

The_Joker1's MOC is just based on his own interpretation of Lego's comic. If you look at the pictures of the comic that I provided, you'll see that it's actually Deadpool who is tracking down Wolverine in the bunker and then making his getaway, and that there is no street or police nearby.

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Excellent review Oky! :sweet:

I was about to buy this set at Toys'R'Us today (it was the last copy), but the darn markup drove me away. I just hope this set doesn't sell out, since everywhere I go they don't have this set, even when they have the other Marvel sets.

Oh well.

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Thanks for the review, Oky!

This is just about my favourite set of this wave, which is interesting because my favourite of the first wave was also the odd one out: Superman vs. Power Armor Lex.

I rated it a 4/5 because I felt the helicopter could have been a better. It just feels 'off', somehow.

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[quote name='Oky' date='14 April 2012 - 08:36 PM' timestamp='1334432194' post=

The_Joker1's MOC is just based on his own interpretation of Lego's comic. If you look at the pictures of the comic that I provided, you'll see that it's actually Deadpool who is tracking down Wolverine in the bunker and then making his getaway, and that there is no street or police nearby.

Oky is right mine is just what I would do if I was designing the set. The chase is the other way around and the police, road and bandit are straight out of my head.:)

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