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TSTTS: semi-submersible

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Here is my final version of the Heavy-Lift Ship (real name of this ship)

I took inspiration from here: Heavy-Lift Ship

This third version is the one that allowed me to achieve the greatest difference between floating and submerged ... I was hoping to get more, but the ship floats too well even though a hull made ​​of only bricks... I needs more ballast in the center

the weight of the ship is about 2.54 kg

length: 62 cm

1 M-Motor to the propeller

1 M-Motor to direct propeller

1 M-Motor for the water pump (each ship has at least one!) That use to simulate the emptying of sealed chambers

1 M-Motor for the compressor, which allows me to move the pistons

2 IR RC system

Unfortunately, this time, the photos are low quality





Water pump and "steering propeller" mechanism


Compact compressor


view from above of the compressor



previous versions on Flickr and YouTube

the contest ends ... but the history of this ship continues !

stay tuned here ! :laugh:

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