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Hi! This is my second Trial Truck/Jeep ; I built it in 4 days: in 2 days the chassis (which is almost the same with Nico71's version) and in other 2 the body.

Is has 1 XL motor, 1 M motor, 1 BB and 1 receiver, opening hood, V6 fake engine and easy removable Batery Box.

It work very good on many kinds of terrain : snow, rough terrain, books, legs :laugh: , ...


I hope you like it! :cry_happy: Please comment!

More photos here :

P.S. Thanks again to Nico71 :thumbup:

Edited by Razvy_cluj_ro

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@ timr: I have built Nico71's yellow Trial Jeep, and it operates very good. Since Razvy_cluj_ro used the same chassis, Nico71's

should indicate how it drives:

dscf7715.jpg Edited by DLuders

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