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I’m surprised to see she isn’t listed; I was fairly certain she was, but USS Constellation isn’t here. Built in 1854 to replace the previous frigate of the same name, much of the wood from the earlier Constellation is believed to have been used in this later ship. The last all sail vessel commissioned by the USN she is built very much in the manner of the earlier part of that century. Though, due to treaty restrictions with England, she was classed as a Sloop of War, she is very much a frigate when compared to the standards of the Napoleonic era. In fact, she is even more powerful than any frigate of that era as she mounts parrot rifles and Dahlgren guns launching exploding shells. Though distinctly American with her smooth lined and flush deck, Constellation is entirely comparable to any 6th rate, the likes of Surprise or Trincomalee.


In the last decade, Constellation underwent a historically accurate restoration, where in, a great deal of structural damage was repaired. Most of her structure is original while that which was replaced was done so with strict adherence to historic standards and methods. As a museum ship, she remains a fine example of seafaring and sea warfare in the age of sail.

I recently took a trip to Baltimore, where Constellation is berthed but at the time, didn’t realize the void in this index. Had I known she was not yet included I would have been sure to get plenty of photos without random strangers, my lovely girlfriend of worst yet my goofy face, in the way. All the same, however, I do have a few images I grabbed on my trip, here. There is also plenty of pics on the internet. If I make it down that way again soon, I’ll be sure to grab some more and better images.

I’d like to suggest that this fine ship be added to the historic ship’s register.

I’m also planning a trip later this month down to Wilmington to visit Kalmar Nickel, a replica of a 17th century pinnace which carried settlers to the new world. She’s a replica, but as I understand it, a historically accurate, well built replica, which actually sails. I’ll make a point of providing some images of Kalmar Nickel and her finer points.

I’d also like to suggest that Kalmar Nickel be added to the replica ship’s register.

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Your suggestions are good indeed. But as you've probably realized, there are many historic/replica ships missing.

The idea was that our members make their own thread of pictures when they've visited a ship.

Then we (the crew) will add it to the index.

Of course you can name a lot of ships that are missing, but it depends on your pictures whether or not we can add them.

So you can post your pictures of the Constellation (and Kalmar Nickel in the future) and we'll add them.

But sure they are both great additions! Thanks in forward!

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First off all I am very grateful that you've considered expanding the historic ship index, I've feared it wouldn't be of much use but hopefully you've proved me wrong.

If you read the INDEX thread carefully, it should become pretty obvious that it's not meant to be a complete list of all historical ships and replicas out there, but simply a compilation of all the ships the members of classic-pirates.com have taken pictures of. In other words: If I'm looking for ships, I can use wikipedia, but for pictures that are readily available and can easily be linked (!) in the forums (external links may cause problems and are often bigger than the allowed 800x600) there is this index! :pir-sweet:

Also, you don't have to ask or make suggestions, you can easily contribute to the index by uploading your pictures, linking them to a thread and put in these:

When posting a new thread please make sure that it doesn't get bumped to the top again by adding these two lines to the first post:

[b][size="2"][color="#FF0000"]NOTE: This thread should be used for indexing purposes only.[/color][/size][/b] 

All discussion can be done in [url="http://www.eurobricks.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=53431"]this thread[/url].

Also put "INDEX: Historic Ships" or "INDEX: Replica Ships" in the title and "Please do not reply directly to this thread" in the subtitle.

Soon, either myself or a staff member will edit my post and voilà, our index has grown by one more entry! :thumbup:

Also consider that since it's your thread you can always edit if you have better pictures. :pir-wink:

I'm really looking forward to any additions and I hope everybody who might find the index useful does too! :pir-sweet:

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I never replied, but I got the point from the good admiral that it was originally intended for one to simply submit a completed article. My hope was to inspire someone else to pick up the mantel where I cannot. Simply put I am way to busy. Essentially working three jobs these days, between Game Stop, my living history volunteering and my own business of blacksmithing/bladesmithing ( I won’t advertise here, but send me a message if anyone is curious.), I just don’t have the time. This posts is taking up what little free time I’ve managed to scratch up today before work. Perhaps sometime in the future my schedule will clear up, maybe in midsummer, and I can take it on , assuming no one else has. Even still, between spending my free time in front of the computer writing or working on my own projects, my own tend to win out. Mind you it’s not that I don’t care to contribute, but after a long day it’s just easier and far more relaxing to pull out my bricks and work on the models I look at every day, than to sit down and research, compile and draft articles.

Indeed the index is quite useful; at least I’ve found it so. I do realize that it’s not all-inclusive for every sail driven, historic vessel in the world, but I still find Constellation an essential addition. In part because of her recent reconstruction, which provides a great deal of insight as to the construction of wooden vessels as such. She’s also in a convent location for us east coast Americans. I find there is nothing for planning a model, like witnessing the real thing, but if like me you can’t get as far away as Boston, let alone England, it’s good to know there’s a fine example “in your own back yard”.

For the moment, I’ll leave the invitation open for anyone who wants to take up this cause, to use my photos, as liked above. I won’t move them about without warning. If no one else offers a draft by the time I can, I’ll author an article and submit it as instructed, sometime in the future.

Sorry for the confusion.

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