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I know it is too late but I wanted to show you guys anyways.

I present to you, the mini dual engine speedboat! It has authentic functions and it is only 5 studs by 16 studs. it looks pretty good but I don't think I captured the right angle of the nose. And it is yellow.


I used 8t gears as the props and there are two sunburned hill-billies riding in the boat (the two 2L red axles).

I don't know specific names but functions include tilting both engines up and down using a 8t gear and worm gear combination. It is pretty effective and I have to turn the 12t gear in the heart of the body to tilt the engine. One downside is because of the lack of space, I have to turn it from the bottom.


Here is a picture with the engines down.


Here is a picture with the engines up.



The second function includes moving the engines left to right (again, I don't know the specific name for this function). because of the lack of space, I couldn't put any solid linkage or gears to turn them so I used cables. Actually, its thin black string and it works very well and fluidly.


To turn the engines, I have to tilt the hill-billies forwards and backwards, kind of like joy-sticks. It isn't authentic but i couldn't get a steering wheel or something in there. To turn left, the left hill-billy has to tilt back and the right one has to tilt forwards. To turn right, it the opposite.



Overall, I am happy with this little creation, even if I am to late for the contest.

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