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Hi, My name is Hans. Today I will set my MOC. You probably know my brother Niels. He promised to tell you about the MOC, which took the last photos of her MOC. So, tell me about it. To this there are two reasons: 1) This is my MOC. 2) Niels tied to a chair))) Muahaha. :devil:

The name of my MOC - Gredaut. But all, except for the guards (do not forget Niels) his name is Journal of the shadow (In Russia it is spelled as one word 0_o)

This is my MOC:

Now, when you see my character, it is possible to arrange interviews. Do you think it is:

1) Vortixx

2) Toa

3) Makuta

4) Skrall


-How do you run away? The next time I will bind with chains!

Sorry, Niels fled. As he said, Gredaut - Makuta. BUT it is different from the other Makuta that:

1) It is not antidermis.

2) Not able to generate kraata and does not have their powers.

3) It is not a telepath.

4) If I am not mistaken, Makuta possessed all the elements of the Matoran Universe. He also can not.

5) Do not change the shape.

History of gredaut:

100,000 years ago

I do not believe his eyes. The very Destrala. Abode of Makuta. I was just happy knowing that I will be here to train.

I met with representatives of the race Makuta, but only with friends Gretautom. It was with some flaw. Something made him an outcast. But he stayed, and I still do not understand why. Throughout his life he remained so as he was, and not turned into a antidermis the rest. Perhaps this has led to ridicule in society Makuta. Anyway, I also like that "rogue" Why did we become friends.

I stayed at the Destrale 20,000 years. Then I learned that the Brotherhood of Makuta was up to something dark.

55,000 years ago

-Stinger, last time I say, let's go. - I agreed to go and Gretaut Stinger had to go with us.

-Even if you're right, Makuta, and preparing the uprising, where shall we go?-Stinger did not want to leave and tried to find an excuse.

-I know what to do. Creek locked in Miserix Artidakse and we'll go back and zhe.-Gretaut was betrayed Miserix but could not see it. But this time he offered individual thing-There they are unlikely to look.

-Okay, but how do we get there?-Stinger fought knowing that loses.

-On-etom. I pointed back to the castle.

"This" was Rahi Mutranom creatures. He was huge, so was used as a guard. Rahi could take me and my friends. I could escape, but he knew that they suffer the punishment for my betrayal. I could not let this happen.

Flying off to Destraly I sent my brother a letter stating where Artidaks He also thought that I found Artakha. The last sight of us from the island of Makuta was tens of Rahi ran away, destroying everything in its path.

I think today I finished. I'm going to tie Niels. See you soon

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1 problem:All the files aren't public.

I have everything working properly.

Sorry, I am new here, so it can not do anything.

Edited by Magna

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I have everything working properly.

Sorry, I am new here, so it can not do anything.

It's okay. I still have trouble uploading pictures here. So you aren't alone with being stuck on things. Nice MOC, even thoguh the pictures are blurry.

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No, this is not normal. Niels and I 17 years old. BUT we both can not understand how to put pictures.

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