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MOC: Kinkaku-ji

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Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr

Hey all, I just wanted to share the architecture model I created and finished as the Architecture contest comes to a close. I saw some very incredible entries and while I regret not entering myself, I was very inspired to build, something I have not been doing much this year.

A few days ago I started building Kinkaku-ji, a building from Kyoto, Japan that's very well known. I saw both CarsonBrick's and Cecilie's models, which I thought were great at the Lego architecture scale. Unfortunately, I don't have much skill building small, so I went a little bit bigger with my rendition.

The name means Temple of the Golden Pavilion, so like most of the builds of this famous temple I used yellow to get the bright golden color. This model was originally built for the contest, but during the build I decided to deviate from the standard Lego architecture style and just build it in my own style. I still use a few details typical of architecture sets such as the tiled border and the center nameplate.

Main view.


Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr

Back view.


Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr

Close-up detail.


Kinkaku-ji by quý, on Flickr

Thanks for looking!

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I see Kinkaku-ji turned out to be a popular structure to build :laugh:. You have achieved a lot of nice detailing on the walls. And it's a third very different interpretation of the building. Very nice :sweet:

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