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I did a little search on the forum, and didnt see something like this, so, here I come :P (if there is a thread like this, my apologies, and you can close this)

Well, the whole thing here is, I wanted to share with you all my small but growing pirate crew, and also leave the idea here so if anybody wanted to join and share their own pirates here, to do so. Yesterday I took all my pirate minifigures and realized I have too much identical minifigs, so I took my time and made some little changes to add "variety" to my pirate population, hehe..so there were no clones around. So it ended in 5 pirate captains and their crews, not a large number..just like in any classic ship, like SES or BSB.

So, with no other introduction, I present you my captains and their crews (In rank, from left to right):

The first one and still kicking, Captain Roger and his men (and women):


Next one is William the Bloodthirsty with his savage crew


BlackHeart the Mercyless, next to his men


Good old Ironhook, and his band of thieves


And Silverbeard Jones, with his crewmembers


Hehe, If you want to show whose people are on decks of your ships, feel free to share them with us all, I myself enjoyed doing so :P

Until next time. :pir_laugh2:

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I'll join you!

Capt. Redbeard


and the crew of my Black Sea Barracuda



Capt. Cook (you now why :pir_laugh2:),


and the crew of my Renage Runnner



Capt. BrickBeard


and the crew of my the BrickBeard's Bounty



and, due the lack of time to take a picture, the Capt. Hector (:pir-wink:) and the crew of the Small Skull!



p.s. the wench's keeps on the town...

Edited by Brig. Brick

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Capt Hector must be a very succesful pirate! He has a cool name by the way :pir-laugh:

It is nice to see someone's else pirates! also I thought this thread was already posted since nobody answered :P

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Ironhook's first mate looks more like a captain :pir_laugh2:

Ironhook always looked to me like a normal pirate with captain hat hehe, but after all this time, he retains his title, in his own style :pir-tongue:

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