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TSATS: Speedboat

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Hello people :laugh:

Here is the final entry topic for the Eurobricks Contest "To Sail the Technic sea".

It is a red Lego Technic speedboat, which can swim. :sweet:

The two bodies of the Lego City 7244 speedboat were the base and I build a Lego Technic connection between them.

Here it is:

Front view


Side view




Bottom ( attached two airtanks so that it lies a bit higher in the water)


The functions

1 M Motor for rotating the propellor

1 M Motor for steering

It is RC controlled via 1 IR reciever

Here are some pictures to see the inside of the boat:




And here is a short video to see it in action :classic:

Hope you like it^^

Regards dfs473

EDIT: Old topic

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But she isn't speed :( Do you tried to improve drive? Gears and lift reduce the efficiency of propeller unfortunetly

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