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And here's my finished entry: A small port, with 9 functions, all powered by a single XL-motor, and just 17x21 studs small! You can control the functions with the switches in front of the actual port. Each switch resembles one function, but all switches are powered by the same motor. Hope you like it :sweet:


Micro Port 2 by luc.2000, on Flickr

Here are some pictures and a video, all pictures can be found at flickr, at higher resolution.


Micro Port 1 by luc.2000, on Flickr

This micro port has 9 functions. 6 are controlled by driving rings, 2 pneumatic, and the last one is running constantly. I marked all of them at the picture below.

0. XL-motor - white

1. Left crane back and forth - purple

2. Left crane up and down - green

3. Left crane open and close (pneumatic)

4. Right crane up and down - yellow

5. Right crane turning - red

6. Right crane open and close (pneumatic)

7. Transport car back and forth - orange

8. Boat forward and backward - blue

9. Pneumatic pump - pink


Micro Port 5 by luc.2000, on Flickr

And don’t forget, you can find more pictures at my flickr set. I can take more pictures of details on request.

Edit: Here's the original topic.

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Your creation is really inspiring and something special. It's challenging to work in such limited space and still provide such great playability :thumbup:

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