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[WIP] Microfig Modular Moonbase

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Greetings Eurobricks! Today I want to share with you an exciting project started by me and my comrades from our Russian Lego Community

Following example of English-speaking comrades, our administrator has run a project "Build together!"

It's main idea is to make a model in LDD formed from built by different users pieces like modular houses etc.

I've made my own co-op project that named 'Microfig Modular Moonbase'.


Overall look for the present moment.

Users been asked to build an old-style planetary base formed from different modules in micro-figure scale.

Each of players can build one standard module and one his or her own.

We have a fixed number of types for standard modules. Those are:

1) Corridor. Connecting modules, bearing oxygen and electricity from one to another. There's must be at most three corridor sections between modules.

2) Generator. Powers modules with electricity through corridor sections and other modules. It can power 8 modules around oneself. Electricity's resistance doesn't allow it to power more than two modules in row. Needs oxygene to work.

3) Living quarters. A place for astronauts to rest and eat. Needs energy and oxygene to work.

4) Hydoponics. Provides oxygene up to 8 modules around itself, which can't be delivered further than three modules in row.

5) Shuttle hangar. For emergency escape and delivering cargo between orbit and surface.

6) Rover hangar. For exploring the surface.

7) Command center. Will be last module to build, possibly I will mke a contest out of it's making.

Base need at least one of each of those modules to fully function.

So here modules that already been built by our players:

Step 0. Starting model: A central generator made by me.


Step 1. Hydroponics.


Step 2. Living quarters.


Step 3. Shuttle hangar.


Step 4. Communication terminal.


Step 5. Space Segway garage.


Step 6. Lift to the surface.


Step 7. Education and briefing center.


Step 8. Xenolab.


Step 9. Improved generator.


Base will be updating regularly. C&Cs are welcome!

Get the latest version of Moonbase

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This looks like a lot of fun! I am a big fan of microbuilds and this one is coming along nicely. For some reason that I can't pinpoint I think my favorite is the Hydroponics. It just really caught my eye immediately.

Two questions:

Is this set in any particular universe/time/story or is it just "earth in the not too distant future"?

And also, what piece is used for the round concave chairs used in the living quarters? I can't seem to place them.

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Wow, thanks! =)

Answer number one:

It isn't dedicated to any settings. But we have our own 'Star Lego Craft' project, in which this base is made for peaceful negotiations between different factions of the Galaxy. Just as Babylon 5 was. x3

Answer number two:

Those are simple hats, they are do not attached, because some of my comrades like to do impossible things with LDD. Just to be more fancy. =D

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What a fun idea! And kinda realistic... if they made a moonbase they would probably build it in sections... love it! Looks fantastic already

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-N13OS- ! Two fantastic posts in one day!

Where to start?

The actual builds are great.

They're well construction and I would think fairly accurate to what it could possibly be like in real world. The use of the board game guys are also a great touch. Especially with the helmets hehe.

I think I like the generator the most... just colour and interestingness hits home for me.

Now the second thing the RULES.

I love it!

It like LEGO Moon Base Sim-City.

You guys have obviously put a lot of time, thought, and effort into this - and it shows. Very enjoyable - thanks for sharing with us :thumbup:

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Your recent modules are fantastic! :classic: I hope many many people will contribute especially those who are familiar with the LLD software. There so much potential for this! :classic: Lthough I love micro building, I cannot contribute due to the lack of familiarity with LDD. :wink:

I wish you great growing of your moonbase! :classic:


~ Christopher

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