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Hello from Ireland

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Hi folks of Eurobricks, I have been lurking around this site with awhile and finaly decided to sign up today,

My name is Mark and from Co.Cork in Ireland i am 27 going on 16, My love with Lego begain when i was about 3-4 up until i was about 13, My parents hadnt much at the time but i still had a big bucket full of Lego that used keep me going for hours on the rainy days, That bucket went into the cupboard when i was 13 and forgoten about,

Then about 6 years ago when i was in a toy store with my daughter i pasted the Lego shelfs and my childhood memorys of me sat in front of the fire for hrs playing with Lego came flooding back, So i had alook of what Lego had to offer and was amazed, Looking up at the top shelf where the most expensive and bigger sets are and thinking when i was a kid i used do this but no way could my parents afford any of the sets but i still dreamed,

Then i saw the technic tow truck 8285 and said what the hell i can afford all the sets now that i would have loved when a kid so i bought it, Took it home and it took me 2 evenings after work to build and i loved it and was hooked on LEGO Again,

Soon after that i found ebay and saw i could buy all the sets i always wanted so i did, And soon found myself collecting all the older technic sets,

But many sets were missing parts or badly faded and thats when i found BrickLink to replace my missing parts, I am a very active member on Bricklink spending hrs there everyday,

Now i still collect older sets and new, I have recently started to collect the Modular Buildings and hope to have the full range of them soon, I just recently bought the VW Bug set and i must say that is my favourite set but i wish it was in yellow but hey thats something i can do myself, I also like the Model team range and even have 3 sets of the 5563 Racing Truck and i also collect the Technic figure and have around 100 of them the last time i checked, My collection now is around 200,000 parts (After coming a long way from my bucket of Lego since a kid) and spend about €1000 a month now on Lego,

Anyway thats about me, Looking forward to getting to know members here

All the best

Mark ( bucks26 )

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Hey Bucks and welcome to Eurobricks! I'm sure you'll like it here. There's a growing community of Irish among us here and I'm really glad about his (having worked and lived in Eire for two years myself) - do you also do MOCs or do you prefer collecting sets?

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