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Unimog U20

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Hello everybody ! During this week I finished a big unimog, same scale as 8110.


It features a lot of functions. Here they are :

-Full suspensions

-Propulsion with three differentials and central diff-lock

-Steering with different turning radious on front and rear axle

-Fake engine connected to the xl output

-Xl motor which controls via two gearboxs


°rotation turret

°front pto

°rear pto


-front air output

-rear air output

-three arm movements





As you can notice, I use a pneumatic pump because two compressors where insuffisient to have a decend speed movements. The arm is strong enough to take some (heavy?) load, such as a BB ( which begins to be the limit).


The tri-dump is a classic one but it works well. No parellogram for a stronger structure and more efficienty.


The wheel are unable to turn when the truck is stopped due to te clutch. I'm obliged to put a clutch because the steering use to cv-joints which can break.


The suspensions could be harder because the truck weights 2kg400.


I'm very pleased by the truck functions and look. It will be exposed at fana'briques 2012, Rosheim.




You can see all the pictures on my brickshel galery ( when public) :

My brickshelf

And here is the video :

I'm open to any questions !

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Love it!!! Thank you for sharing this beautiful creation.

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I like that it is very functional. However, I still think you should get rid of the 4wheel steering and accommodate a dual mini-pump for automatic pumping. Does the pneumatic cylinder have enough power to lift the bed with a little weight in it? I love the grey though :) . keep up the good work! please make some instructions! Please!!!

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I saw the video on youtube, great job! I love the gray color scheme as well.


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Thanks all ! 88High, can you explain me why you don't like rear steering wheels? They are very usefull to reduce the turning radious and real unimogs can be mounted with this pecularity ( same if most of the unimogs doesn't have rear steering wheels).

As I have explained, two pumps are insufficient to have a decent speed movements and they is no space to put more pumps or to increase the speed compressor.

The dump can lift roughly 200g !

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Very nice MOC, congrats!! and the color choice, nice one!!



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