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TSTTS: Leviathan

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Hello Everyone

This is my entry for "To sail the Technic sea" contest.









I'm still trying to get good camera to update video

There are some videos from old topic here

Hi res photos available in my brickshellf gallery

Quick overview and some info:

Weight about 4,5 kg (was 4,3 without proper hull)

Parts count: more than 5000 (was 4800)

Has 2 arms - pneumatic sample arm and heavy duty arm

Uses 4 M motors and 1 XL motor

Uses 3 battery boxes

1 Additional M motor is used to power the heavy duty arm

Has 2 gearboxes - main (the big red one) for operating arms functions

secondary gearbox for operating propellers, tail stabilizer and retracting lights

Has 2 tail (upper and lower) propulsion distributors

and 1 front propulsion distributor.

1 Pilot seat

Length 76cm Width 50 cm Hight 30 cm (without the tail stabilizer)

The whole construction is using a stand, mainly because of the bottom gearing system, axles and weight


1.The hull has pneumatically opening/closing hatch

2. 2 independent light sources

3. Retracting lights

4. Diving rudders pneumatically controlled from the pilot joystick

5. "Rising" tail stabilizer

6. The "X12" engine.

7. 8 propellers (4 propulsion ,2 vertical, 2 horizontal) driven at the same time from the XL motor (I was trying to make third gearbox for switching between propellers but I ran out of parts and didn't receive new parts yet, I will make this gearbox later)

8. 2 Counter opposite pneumatic pumps running at the same time (when the first pump is recharging the second provides airflow) providing constant airflow

9. Remote controlled switching of gears

10.Remote controlled Left and Right arms

11. 360 degrees rotation of right arm

12. Abduction/adduction of right arm

13. Elevating main boom of right arm

14. Elevating secondary boom of right arm

15. Heavy duty instrument driven by 1 additional M motor (this one is like the Unimog, I'll make lots of different instruments like saws, cutters, drills and other)

16. 360 degrees rotation of the left arm

17. Pneumatically controlled main boom

18. Pneumatically controlled secondary boom

19. Left arm pneumatic grabber. (The left arm can operate between 2 baskets (the lower one sample basket and the left upper one)

20. Abduction/adduction of the left arm.

All Arms functions could be controlled in the adducted, during abducting and adducted positions.

Functions 6,7,8 are driven at the same time from XL motor with additional possibility of powering function #3 or #5


1. Main Big red one gearbox is used to power and switch between arms.

2. Secondary tail gearbox is manually controlled and is used to control retraction of the lights and for controlling the "underwater" and "surface" mods of the submarine.

There is some place for improvements but I'll do them later

This creation is my first since "dark ages" I believe I didn't hold Lego parts for more than 10 years.

I hope I will be able to create more.

Oh and I have some photos of building process, some features, prototypes I used in this entry, if anyone is interested

just see upper part of this message for links

Sorry for mistakes and bad English. :blush:

Edited by Omikron

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Very nice model - love the assymmetry of the two arms and the combination of LA and pneumatics. I like the combiation of colors and panels, and the lights are a nice touch as well. Very cool enrty! :thumbup:

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