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TSATS: Personal watercraft (Aqua Simulator)

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This is my entry to the contest: It's where Lego Technic meets videogames like never before with a strikingly 3D "Aqua Simulator". The prop is a personal watercraft,

perfectly designed to play the game. Down to the pics:






Panels removed from left side to view functions


Panels removed on right side to view motor placement

The functions:

1.Motorized drive (clutched)

2.Motorized engine(clutched)

3.Simulated steering

4.On/off/reverse lever

5.Opening hood

6.Trailer with working winch

7.Independant suspension simulated base

8."Red Lever" extra power output (see red connector above propeller)

9.Dummy killswitch

10. Working headlights

The Specifications

Width: 5 inches at widest point

Length: 17 inches

Height: 9 inches at tallest point

And a video, of course:

In the video, don't be fooled. It is not on water, and that is not what I'm trying to get you to percieve. It is actually my TV running a video I took of a lake. That is the videogame part; I try to imitate when it turns, runs a few bumpy waves (I hate trying to do that part :wink:), and when it bounces. As for the 9392, I got that last week, too late to use its parts on my MOC. :cry_sad:

Well, there we have it. If you want more details of the build or pics look here

Or for my brickshelf: Here

Thank you all for reading about my entry, and may the best one win! :classic:

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