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I am truly sorry for that. A little advice which may help; when I lost my own digital fleet I didn't think I'd ever recover, and felt like  giving up. I stuck with it though and not only did it lead to a renaissance in "living plastic" but when I did return to the digital environment I found I could remembered a lot more than I thought I would. It took time to recreate but I was able to jump right back in and duplicate my designs and technique. Fortunately, like you, I had plenty of WIP shots to reference if I drew a blank. If I can be of assistance let me know. In the future I can suggest from experience, posting your files on another server or sharing them with someone you trust can be quite handy. I used to be very tight fisted about my LDD models, afraid some one would steal my credit. Posting them on brick shelf though ensured I'd have at least my premier models after the crash. Best of luck to you and a here's to "Dear Old Surprise".

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