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TSATS: My still WIP entry: Amhibex

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My entry is still WIP. It's an Amphibex 600. My idea was to finish it last week, but that week was 10000 times busier than I had expected, I almost didn't touched my Lego that week. This week I hope I can finish it, at least, the most important parts. It has 12 functions (in the idea...):

-the 4 "legs"

-4 functions for the excavator

-the (pneumatic) propellor on the back

-3 functions for the small crane

I think I don't make the crane, unless I have a lot more time than expected, because I need to make the excavator lighter and better (especially lighter).

I've only made 2 photo's to save some time :wink:

I really hope it'll finished before the "real deadline" (I read that we have still about a week, but you needed to have a WIP topic, so this is mine).

I think nobody can give good comments with these photo's :tongue:


WIP2 by legolijntje, on Flickr


WIP1 by legolijntje, on Flickr

And if you want to see some of the real thing:



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Wow I WAS WORKING ON THE SAME THING!!!! Luckily i am working on a different project :wink: .


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This entry looks very good so far :thumbup:

Could you make a photo from the top to see the technic inside the boat?

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