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Hi from an English ex-pat in NZ

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My lego history begins as a 3 or 4 year old opening up a Galaxy Explorer way back in the 70's and I have been hooked ever since. Lego has always been in my life except for my dark ages during University and a few years afterwards. Classic space was my main theme but I did have what I classed as ordinary Lego - basic sets and classic town. Much of my Classic space was sold to fund uni but I kept the GE and a couple of other bits; my ordinary Lego is in a big bucket in my Mum's loft in England but space eventually followed me to NZ along with my Lego pirate ship Red Beard Runner. My dark ages officially ended when I picked up some Star Wars sets and I have not looked back.

I have kids of my own now: 3 girls and one boy and great excuses to buy more Lego. We have built up a collection of City Lego, mainly the hospital sets and a lot of fantasy Castle. I find it hard to keep my spending to one or two themes...

Enjoying the discussion here on Eurobricks and the MOCs are great to behold; I would very much like to get more standard sets as well as themed sets in order to give MOCs a go.


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Welcome to Eurobricks! I just sold almost my entire Bricklink store inventory to someone in NZ, it wasn't you was it? Lol! Enjoy the forum :wink:

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