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LDD MOD: Ironwood Glenoce & Western Electric Streetcar Railway

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Before I go off describing my back story for this street car, I wanted to say something. Thank you, TJJohn12, for creating this streetcar and releasing the LDD file. I really enjoyed taking it apart and seeing how it works. Thanks again!

Here is my back story: These two PCC streetcars were built for the Ironwood, Glencoe & Western Electric Railway in 1939 as part of their upgrading from their early 1920's Ogel Safety Cars. They were used for the Blue line, from the Market Loop in Ironwood to the City of Glencoce's waterfront area on the Jenkins River. The cars were used from 1939 to 1964, when the Ironwood Glencoe & Western Electric Railway shut it's doors, until reopening as a tourist railway in 1982. All the cars were brought out of storage, with some of the PCC car's being coupled together in groups of two for optimal service.

Here are the pictures:


The PCC cars are bi-directional, meaning no turntables or loops are needed


Side view


Front view

General Statistics:

Engine Type: President's Conference Committee (PCC) Streetcar

Designer: Transit Research Corporation

Build Date: 1936 - 1952

Total produced: 5000

Builder: Saint Louis Car Company

Length: 38 studs (per car)

Width: 7 studs

Height: 9 bricks

Top Speed: 50 MPH

PCC streetcar LXF

Comments, Questions, & complaints welcome!

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Excellent digital creation there 'Murdoch17', going to make it for real in brick are we ? :wink:

Brick On LDD On ! :classic:

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Do you mind if I recolor this and use it for a LDD project of mine?

Nope, no problem at all. Have fun with it!

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