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Christchurch NZ Lego Show July 14-15 2012

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Hey all! I'm absolutely stolked to be announcing that this year, LUG4/2, The Lego User Group of South Island New Zealand, is putting on our first show!

The 'Lego Annual Brick Show 2012: Rebuild' will be held at the University of Canterbury on July 14 & 15 in association with TV2 Kidsfest. We're really keen to get more people involved so if you're intrested, let me know! You can check out more information here. We've currently got a number of people looking to come down from all around NZ which is really exciting too - theres going to be some fantastic MOCs!

We've currently got sponsorship from the University, and we're looking to get some more sponsorship from other toyshops and such too, so it's all very exciting!

Thought I'd put up a thread for those kiwi's that haven't already heard about it.


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Hey guys, thought I'd do a quick rundown of our show!

We were absolutely blown away by the crowds, so it was a huge learning experience, but a huge amount of fun!

Thought I'd share a couple of things from the show..

We had about 18 exhibitors displaying a great range of MOCs and layouts which approximately 8000 people came along to see!

So here are some videos from the show:

First, the incredible line, just to get inside (The line nearly got up to 2 hours long, but was about 70 minutes on average throughout the weekend):

Photos from the event will be coming onto our website soon!

Then from the much smaller fan event afterwards, here was a quick video of our speed sorting challenge (As you can see it was pretty tight between Brickthing and I (Both on the Left)):

We even featured on our national news very briefly in the last few seconds of this clip

We learnt heaps from the show (It was the first time our LUG has ever run such an event), and we're really looking forward to next year!

Cheers, Sam

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