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BrickWarriors - Tan Release

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BrickWarriors now has a variety of our custom Lego accessories available in Tan! Some of my personal favorites are the Sombrero and Military Vest, but all of the items in tan look great!


And just for a fun, here are a few shots we did to show the tan items in action:

Mob Intimidation Secrets


High-Tech Robin Hood


Cover Me!


Worst Trap Ever



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And you release that 4 days after I place my order :hmpf:. :laugh:

You and me both :laugh:

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You and me both :laugh:

Sorry about that guys! Glad you guys like the tan stuff though. :) Let me know if there are any other colors you want for certain products and I'll see what I can do to release them.

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Awesome stuff! May I offer my thoughts on your guns?

Special forces SMG:Looks like something you would carry on a siege into a terrorist bunker.Awesome!

Russian assault rifle:The details on this thing is amazing! I love the fire selector.

Suppressed sniper:What gun is this based on? Either way, a nice modern sniper rifle.

Derringer:Not really interested in this one,sorry!

Buffalo rifle:Strong, powerful, and, most of all, works after an apache raid. :tongue:

Six shooter:Reach for the sky! I like this one, the long barrel makes it look like a sniper pistol.

Repeater rifle:I have a strange attachment to this gun. Not sure why. Could be that I'm a zombie fighter, and this gun is perfect for my profession. :grin:

Snub nose revolver:Same with the derringer,sorry.

Gangster rifle:Oh, how annoying is it when you get surrounded by police unarmed? The gangster rifle turns the tide of any mafia battle.

Tommy gun:RATATATATA! Sorry. I like the look of this one, the barrel makes it look somewhat futuristic.

Head hunter pistol:A nice little futuristic pistol.

Impaler assault rifle: Running out of ammo isn't a problem with this one. When you run out, you just switch to the blade and start slicing up aliens. Ammo's overrated anyway. :tongue:

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