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Name: Cement Mixer 7990

Theme: City

Year: 2007

Piece Count: 209

Minifigs: 1

Price: $14.99


Brickset Brickshelf Bricklink Peeron

I am presenting this pictorial review of LEGO set 7990 Cement Mixer which was released in 2007. This was when City sets started to get really good. We had quite a selection that year including the various Harbor theme sets. I picked this set up in 2009 at the LEGO store. I found my City to be lacking a means of transporting construction materials and this fit the bill quite nicely. I was originally attracted to the blue and white color scheme which I loved.


Past Versions


Now for a little LEGO history lesson. In 1985 LEGO made a set called "Cement Mixer". Don't you love the name originality? :tongue:

The color scheme is vaguely familiar, don't you think? :wink: The days of Classic Town were some of the best ever. :cry_happy:

Section 1: Instruction Booklet


Here is the lone instruction manual. It shows the driver going to pour cement, I remade this later on in the review. The box information is dropped save for the obligatory "warning" image. We have the clean CITY logo and background with an overall pleasant look. Our cement worker sure does look determined doesn't he?


Random Instruction Page. The color differences aren't too bad but sometimes Dark Grey and Black can get confusing.

Section 2: Minifigure and Accessories


Here is the one minifig who comes in the set. Unlike the Garbage Truck where two figs would have been great, this one only needs one. I like the overall torso and red construction hat. I think they should explore colors though, like maybe orange or Maersk blue? :grin:


And also like in the Garbage truck we have our bley 1x1 studs to represent the cement. However cement is less blocky in real life. :grin: Also there is a shovel to scoop where the cement might be needed.

Section 3: Part Selection


All the parts laid out. Very nice selection. Majority is blue, white and grey parts to build the truck.


Interesting parts. Nothing amazing or revolutionary here like a PoP camel. The trans colored elements are always good to have around and so are the 1x1 cones.


BLUE Parts. Noticeably the two halves that make up the cement drum. See the spirals on the inside? Those are for a neat play feature that turns the cement up.


Dark and Light Bley parts. Or Grey whatever you prefer. We have a shovel the cement and some plates of notice here.


Black & White parts include the cement hose, the mud guards, various plates and of course the nice and new shiny tires.

Section 4: The Build

Step: 4

Our build experience starts out with the construction of the frame. We add the first axle parts on it.


Step: 10

A few steps later the construction of the frame continues, we add the mud guards and the base for the truck.


Step: 15

The entire frame starts to take shape, we add a few details for such things as steps to the cab and the control panel for the rotating drum.


Step: 20

The wheels get added on in this step.


Step: 25

The build starts to get more interesting here, we have begun work on the rotating drum which features a gear box. We also have added a few details in the cab.


Step: 30

The front grill is added on and the truck is starting to look good and the build process is very fluid.


Step: 34

The cab is completed with various details including the stickered panel and warning lights.


Step: 39

We are now finished with the Cement Truck! The rotating drum is completed by attaching the two halves


Section 5: Complete Model


Here we have one side view of LEGO City's new cement truck/mixer whatever you want to call it :tongue:. On this side we have the hose with nozzle that delivers the cement.


Now for the other side. On this side it can house the shovel with a clip. Also you see the dial with the blue arrow on it? That is the action feature. When you turn it in the direction that it shows with the 1x1 studs inside, they will all come up after a few turns. If you turn it backwards then all the studs go back down. That is accomplished with a spiral on the inside. We have an extra TECHNIC holder on this side just to hold the frame for the other side.

It should also be noted that this is replicated on each side as a mirror so if the builder is left handed, it will work. The same is true for the hose clip which is also on each side for left or right handed builders.


Front and rear views. The front has nice details such as the grill, rear view mirrors and license plate. The rear you can see the spirals on the inside of the cement mixer that I mentioned earlier.


Here is a detail that I did not notice myself until someone pointed it out to me :blush: They are steps that lead up to the cab! :oh: Very clever by LEGO.


Here is the inside of the cab. We have plenty of room for our driver and he not only gets a steering wheel but a little control to play with.


Finally we have the completed set. It is a very nice cement truck and I love the color scheme.

Section 5: Final Thoughts


Here is the Cement Truck worker and driver spraying cement in the wrong place at the wrong time. :grin:


Playability: 8/10 (It is fun twisting the cement barrel and hose to squirt cement)

Design: 10/10 (Captures real life Cement Trucks very well and the spinning barrel is great!)

Price: 9/10 (A really good price for the set and the parts if you don't like it)

Parts: 7/10 (Good part selection the barrel is great and really designed well)

Minifigures: 8/10 (Standard Worker fig, I like the torso but maybe a new color construction cap would be nice)

Overall: 8/10 (Overall this is a nice set and would work well in any city)

Along with the Garbage Truck or Recycle Truck as it is more commonly known, I also confuse names with this and Cement Truck but it is called a Cement Mixer. You can call it whatever you want but this is a great set nonetheless. A very good addition to the City line and every City needs one of these, how else you do make the buildings and such? I recommend that everyone should buy this set. It is a very good representation of real life cement trucks, is visually pleasing and is great with out anything else.

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Ah, 2007....what a year for Lego City and this cement mixer/truck proves it ! :grin:

Thanks 'Macoco' for this review.....such a Great Vehicle eh ? :grin:

Though an odd thing has always made me scratch my head......a cement pump for the hose or what about a slide for pouring the concrete out ? :wink:

Reading this makes me want to rebuild one of mine out of my parts boxes. :wink:

Brick On Pour On Review On 'Macoco' ! :classic:

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Excellent review, 'Macoco'! :classic:

This is one of those necessary City sets I regret on not getting. I hope they make a new version for the a second wave of the Great Vehicle line! :thumbup:

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I do own the 1985 and 2007 versions of these, and I love them. Me being a more classic town type of guy,

I like the 85' version more. Anyways, great review as always Macoco. :wink:

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Nice review, it's like time travelling to two years ago. :laugh: Inside joke.

Anyway, I hope you're back on a reviewing streak.

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Very nice review! I am a proud owner of both versions as well. I'm glad they used the same color scheme as the 1985 version. The only thing I can never seem to get used to is the double wheels on the front of the truck. I'm pretty sure they exist but it just looks odd to me. No big deal, though, and I love having this vehicle in my layout!

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This is a really cool set that I'm sad Lego didn't redo this spring like they did with the garbage truck, although I like the front on this truck a lot better than the one on the 2012 vehicles, it looks far more realistic than the weird stickered tiles.

Great review as well, in my eyes there are reviews and then there are Reviewers Academy reviews, they are consistently the best Lego reviews on the internet!

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Great review with lovely and clear pictures :)

2007 was indeed a good City year - and so were the eighties

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Good review. As for set I don't like the large two details the mixer made of. I would prefer the mixer made from smaller parts. :hmpf_bad:

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A great review for a great set.

No I am only really sad that I missed it :cry_sad: . (I do have the classic 6682 version though :classic:)

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