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MOC Cash tower

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indexed.gif B-OV-32E

Infamous mr Cash has made his fortune in waste management and other lucrative businesses.

CASH tower with its 18 floors is one of the main tourist sights in Palikkala city.


Maybe mr Art O┬┤Detoes new building will rise above Cash?



Mrs and jr Cash are enjoying the view from 9th floor balcony, under watchful eyes.


Mr Cash is having a business negotiation with his associates.


More and bigger pictures in Flickr.

This MOC is made for Finnish Palikkatakomo LUG events in spring 2012. First event was 22.-23. March totalling 448 x 128 studs build together Palikkala city. This event was in Espoo Museum of Modern Art (second largest city in Finland) and the LUG MOC attracted over 2200 visitors without any outside marketing.

Next showing for the tower is in record breaking city (928 x 192 studs) in last weekend of April in Helsinki Expo center Child Expo expecting more than 35 000 visitors.

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Thank you for your comment.

Now some new views since towers second outing was in Model Expo 2012 (27.-29.4. Helsinki Finland)

Our LUG made a Finnish record breaking LEGO city with total of 174 modular bases (32x32 studs, 2 bricks tall).

The LEGO city MOC was voted as BEST OF SHOW in Model Expo 2012! Hurrah for that!

I had the pleasure to produce 12 such bases for our city, including the CASH tower.

This time CASH tower was voted as the most popular MOC in the city by visiting audience.




More pictures from link

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I think your cash symbol is great :laugh: The building itself looks very realistic and you did a great job on breaking up the monotony of such a large building :thumbup:

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