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Doublebrick PeterExpo 2012

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I am glad to present you Exposition in the Museum Of Toys Saint-Petersburg 2012.

It is small but as for me sweet and nice

total of participants 16 members of LUG Russia

So I hope you will have a joy while looking through the photos (gallery here)





dsc_0248_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0253_2.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0261_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0262_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0263_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0265_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0266_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0267_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0268_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0269_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0270_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0274_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0276_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0303_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0316_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0321_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0324_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0326_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0332_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0335_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0348_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0351_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0374_2.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0379_2.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0413_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0416_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0418_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0420_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0422_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0423_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0427_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0428_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0429_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0432_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0434_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0435_1.jpg_thumb.jpg dsc_0436_1.jpg_thumb.jpg

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