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Elesee-Luna is an celestial city

yup, as requested, here's the story mixed with pictures ;)



"How to scribe love in the air"

Long ago, the story says that the West of Historica was the most beautiful part of the country: the green valleys were intertwined with the raging rivers, people hummed while working, and kids often slept under the open roof, telling jokes to stars, and watching their flashing from laughter. Angels were leading the people, the people he loved the earth, and earth responded to all that love and kindness with fertility.

All in all, a little heaven, today known only in Khalipians love songs when wine with honey untie their tongue, when resting around the fire, in quiet deserts...

The story also tells that sometime in the west, the one that everyone now calls Nocturnus, a beautiful girl was born and grew up, who justify hers name with looks and smiles, Elesee, which meant "neverdending flower" in the language of the Old Elves. Enchanting smile and easy walk, fluttered among the angels and charmed the people, and there was not a man, celestial or animal, who would not stretch the lips into a smile at the mention of her name. Young, in hers barely twenty years hot blood, the place did not held her, and she was famous for her adventures, and her cruising Nocturnus from one end to another.

Interestingly, no one has laid claim to her heart, and frankly, hardly anyone would dare to do so, as every tongue tied in her presence.

On one occasion, three angels, brothers, made the spring a party, and of course, she was there, and she sang and danced and laughed so seductive, that all present prolonged their life for a year that evening. And three brothers were blinded by her beauty, slim figure and smart appearance of the eyes. The next day, talking amongst each other, they confessed his feelings for her to one another, and regarding that all three wanted the chance with Elesee, to solve this without a quarrel, they agreed to make attempt to win her heart, with each having a day to do so.

The next day, middle brother, poet, took her on the most romantic place in the woods, there are birch trees branch from one in two or three trees, and where the sparrows go to declare love to she sparrows, and with honey wine, song of the nightingale and the scent of snapdragon, read her the song that he wrote for her. Song talked about some forgotten feelings that only the angels know, the magic faraway places behind Misty islands, the jewels that would be ashamed and silent beside her, his feelings translated into the form of gold with which he wrote his thoughts on paper were clear, truth, she melted, perhaps even one tear skulk out, she respected him as an artist, loved to listen to infinity, but no feeling were born for him, and she said that. Sadly, he thanked for her company and promised another "goodbye" song, some other day.

The next day the eldest brother embraced her, spread his wings and took her to the clouds. And there, glittering, a new, uninhabited city that he built during the previous evening, for her. The streets were tiled with jewels, waterfalls were singing all around the walls, and in the middle was a turquoise, blue pool with waterspirits. The towers were high, encrusted with gold, and the windows narrow, elongated, perfect in its complexsisity. Crystal dragons were spraying each other, playing in ponds, and all around one could see gigantic flowers that spread the intoxicating scents to the city. She blinking enthusiastically admiring the architecture, ingenuity and aesthetics of the city, and respected him as an architect and artist, and she would live here until the end of her life, but all that brought no deeper feeling about him, and she confessed to him. Sadly, he replied that the town is still hers, and that he will build another day and a crystal temple, somewhere near, on top of a mountain, where she can be herself and knit her thoughts.

Tomorrow, there was no sign of the third brother. Embarrassed, he was sitting under a tree, in a new city on the cloud; His wings were smaller than the wings of his brothers, and although his words were true, and wise, they were brief and without poetic sound, his hands, though valuable, did not even knew how to build a house, let alone the whole city. And what to offer her? He loved her, truly, honestly, with his whole body and soul, but how to show that? And then it dawned on him: he rushed to Rakhat Mountain, spent a whole afternoon rummaging through the forgotten mine shafts, and found the common trans clear crystal. Then he hugged it in his palms, laid close to his chest and thought about how much he loves her. For what exact reasons did his love mirrored in the crystal, and why it took red color of his heart, even to this day no one knows, but it was not important: his feelings were so clearly written in the glimmering of the crystal, that there was no doubt. He spread his wings and flew away looking for Elesee.

He found her on top of the highest towers, as she carved her name in the tiles, and then she was a little shame, but ultimately concluded that every city must have a name and she called it "The Moon", because it sparkled like one. Luna. And then she cut that also near her name: "Elesee was here, in sparkly Luna" A little confused, he gave her bundle with the crystal. As she saw it, her childish silliness disappeared, and the next two years she spent in the same place, motionless, watching the vibrations of crystals. And he was standing next to her, similarly, without moving.

When the two years past, she blinked, looked at him very clearly and said that she fully understands, and feels the same. And kissed him.

They spent next three years so, with joined lips, on the roof next to "T Elesee was here, in sparkly Luna"

But the story of a magical crystal was spreading throughout the Nocturnus, and many came to see the glow on the roof and two who were in love forever, and not just good beings. Creatures crawled from the underworld, and they also wanted to see a miracle, perhaps even to take possession of it? Darkest of all was the Drow matron mother, Phaer-Xun, whose names mean to "honored demon", and in those five years she made plan, and following the first night when the youngest of three flew to his brothers to convey new story, she appears on the roof next to a young girl who was getting ready to leave, and a told a sad story about how for two hundred years she was alone, never met love, and how she was so sad, that her skin darkened by sorrow, and the tears washed the colors from eyes, and that's why they are white.

Elesee felt pity for the creature, and wrote love trough the air using brightness of crystal, but from nowhere a dagger appeared and only grazed her skin, but the smell of the blade was like the Underdark spider's poison, and Elesee fainted, closed her eyes and her lips became cold. A Phaer-Xun lifted the crystal, exultant.

But the three brothers were angels; they felted that something was wrong and using wind's speed flu to the roof, but it was too late. Horrified, all three of them stroked once with their flaming swords, chasing despicable Drow, but each missed, and Phaer-Xun was gone. But each of these swing of a sword, according to legend, left mark on all the city walls, and that is why there are three white lines which extend around the city;

For years, the brothers looked for Drow, and what exactly happened, nobody knows, but rumor has it that the brothers finally found her somewhere in the mountain snows of Mitgardia, and no one ever again heard about her, they took the crystal and return it to the city, which the called "Elesee-Luna"; they planted a crystal, and now it grows along with the plants.

Three brothers made her a tomb in one part of the city, and the flowers always grow there, even in winter...

People were talking about this events, and the city has for long been a legend. Until today.


City of angles have been secluded from the eyes of the humans and other monsters for ages. So, when the emissary of the Drow arrived at the main gate, everyone was surprised.

His words were long, he spoke about peace, making new contact, sharing recipes and other unimportant things. Celestial were listening to the demon with grace and patience, but not naively, being armed to the teeth. And while the long words and flat, melancholic voice made celestials relaxed and with guard down, a scream shocked them, and hundreds of humans poured trough all the sides! How did they climb here, to the clouds? Did they climbed steep cliffs of surrounding mountains or arrived on sky diving ship? But at the moment, that was not important, celestials gripped their weapons, and defended themselves! The fight erupted, that swallowed the whole town!






Few devas and angels arrived as help, but new humans swarmed the place, like ants, from all sides! While the shields were splintering under the strokes of the blessed weapons, humans used the tactics that they were told will make effect: long spears, short swords, and a lot of arrows. And really, long spears prevented celestials to attack from above, short swords were ideal for those close encounters, and arrows prevented angels from flying.






(for this last one, I have "THIS IS ELESEE!" echo in my head, when I look at it:)

There was a total mess, but even with their supremacy in numbers, humans could not win against silver weapons and strong wings. One after another they felt under the strokes of the gold plated metal and whirlpools of wind from wings, and soon, only few of them were left standing.


Brave little amateurs, they did their job ("300" :) :) )

The thing that no one was sure about was the location of the crystal. Valsharess made a brilliant plan: she will send a demon to wrestle with angels, and then people will attack them, and so that will seem like the cunning plan with which she planned to enslave them; But not so, behind her plan there can always be found a new layer of evil thoughts, and while they wrestle each other in a fight, a detachment of her Drow warriors sniffed through the whole city for the crystal!! True, some of them will find their selves between two warring factions and be whipped out, but there is no greater honor than to die for your queen! Or at least so they say ...


The first thing she had done, she tried to coax the location of the crystals from one of the angels, by sending one of the Drow girls in disguise of Elesee to her tomb, but the whole plan has gone to ruin when from the tomb came the true spirit of girl, and scared Drow look-alike!


Hers spies were widespread all over the city, and while the battle below them declined, because people, even do outnumbered, were slowly losing the battle. It is not easy to climb the steep towers Elesee-Lune, if you do not have wings ...






There is something that neither Valsharess did not know, and that is the fact that her daughter would join the siege. Instead of keeping Lith My'athar of curious and optimistic squanders that might want to take it while the Queen was not at home, she also plotted, with the leader of a group of most vicious mercenaries, notorious Gul-Gurath.


His party sow fear even to the cruelest areas of Nocturnus, bad zilches, and they called them selves "The Crimson Rings." Why so, only their leader knows that, who is the brother of Lord Ssilyrrlith's cousin, the black sheep of the family. "Boiled legs" and "small feet", Yvonnel, daughter Valsharess, called them, without showing even a trace of respect. However, everyone knew who Yvonnel was because her cruelty exceeded even what is considered normal in the Drow societies.

- Is it all clear? - she asked with a stern voice - Or your brain is as small as your foot, so I have to repeat?

- Everything is clear, you're Majesty - demon answered.

- You were supposed to bring the boys, four small feet are better than two - she added pointedly.

- I brought them - he said, while his cruel companions slithered from the shadows.

- Lovely - she ended with an evil smile.


The fight is slowly coming to an end. Angels are slowly taking control of the city, and people were fleeing for theirs life. But, perhaps too late, because Valsharess found the crystal: located in the center of a large flower, in one of the ponds. How did she get this information? One of her demons used the magic "charm" on one of the angels ... "a knife in the dark"


But now it did not matter, she knew where the crystal was, and was headed toward it. But in a moment when she and her few companions came remotely close to it they were rushed by Little Feet ... akhm, sorry, Crimson Rings, and attacked, viciously!


But Valsharess was not naive. She would never become queen if she was: she was accompanied with best Drow warriors that she could found in the Underdark, and one by one Crimson Rings fell from Drow blades and magic. But alas, all her companions fell also and she was left alone in the end, surrounded by the predator, and she did not evade the blade of the band leader...


Do we say that Valsharess was not naive? More than that, because she stood perfectly still, hidden in the shadows, and watched what was going on, while her counterpart cope with misfortune? Coated with all colors, this Valsharess, sending her look alike to attract the danger!

She emerged from shadows, in two strokes of a sword took care of the demon band leader, and went to the crystal.


But neither the flower was naive, as she touched it, petals wrapped around her, pulling her the center, and the whole flower slowly began to sink. She held the crystal in hers hand, but she was threatened with water depth!


- Throw me the crystal, mother, and I'll give you the spear and get out, you'll need both hands! - Shouted the Yvonnel, and although the queen shied away a few moments, she threw Valsharess crystal.

Note: notice the curious dragon that pushes its nose everywhere!


But Yvonnel did not give her the spear, only smiled, with evil grin: you should know better, mom, than to rely on word of a Drow, especially when it comes from a family member...


One of the demons landed at Yvonnel, and brought her on its back out of the city. In the pandemonium, no one even notice them. While laughing, with the crystal in her hand, she made hundreds of plans how to take over the world ... Then she chuckled: as a cherry on a cake, she does not even have to pay tiny feet, ok, purple rings, hell, considering that this is their last adventure, they can be treated and called with their real name. Ah, who would bother with that? Such a tiny feet, she is the queen of the world, and as such, she does not have to care about anyone! She laughed out loud, while disappearing in the clouds ...


Check out the galery when public ;) there are A LOT of pictures there, size-friendly






for the size&scale with my usuall little helper (she is 180cm high):


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Elesee-Luna is a celestial city, located high on the clouds, above Drow cities

Inhabited by angles, celestials, devas, solars, humans, elves and other "good" creatures, it is of none importance to the Drow.

...until someone found out that inside the hart of the city there is a great treasure, just resting.

More about the history of this city (and I am going to write something with soul this time ;), how Drow are planning to conquered it and other trivia - later.

Fro now, just few construction pictures, and few words about the city:



As planed, there will be one high tower to the left, resting complete on a cloud; it will be connected with the biggest and wackiest bridge that I can make with the rest of the city; the rest of the city will be a bunch of towers surrounding heavenly park; lots of stairs, waterfalls and flowers (year right:)

I will try to break "evil" red& black colors with a lot of sparkling trans bricks, and with absence of horns and pointy structures. I will try to pave all the walking areas with cheese slopes mosaics, if not in two or more colors, then just with trans orange :) Black and red are 95% of all the bricks that I have, so making this "celestial" look will be more then hard to achieve :) But, that makes it more fun :)




What should a city of angels have?

I've been thinking of spiral stairs disappearing into the cloud :)

A LOT of fountains :)

I will receive 20 mummy wings for such a bargain, and I am already making wings from everything that comes to my hands :) There will be a squadron of human girls specially armored for this moc ;) Fighting with the Drow invasion, here's the picture of few of them posing:


Notice how all have some kind of temper, the one on the left hates everybody, the one on the right in different color explains how grey is ok, but that armor of the girl to the right is not even lego, and that she can not even be on the picture, few of them are posing, few talking, a wild bunch, I would say. Great first line of defense for angels

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Another great build. I really like the organic feel of the arches.

The white stripes and the textured roofs also look great.

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thank you, this is just a beggining of the construction ;)

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Wow!! :thumbup: And I thought you were going to have trouble

making a celestial city. I especially like the roofs on your towers,

And the arches. Nice work on the cheese slope floors too.

Your start looks great, looking forward

to seeing the finished project.

Edited by soccerkid6

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Very cool build so far. The sheer size of it is impressive for how quickly you moved on this. Now....nobody quote me for what I just said, with a "that's what she said"....even though I probably deserve it.

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No quoting ;)

Here's the entrance I've just made:

there will be a lot of winged creatures, they are on a cloud, so the entrance does not have to be at the bottom. I am particularly proud to the mosaic on the floor:)

This is still not the final version, and knowing me, I will change something tomorrow :)



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Impressive again! :classic:

The floors are great, especially with the black arches in it!

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I´m still fascinated over your skills to create something this great out of ordinary red bricks! You surely have your own style and it´s great! I guess that is perfect when shopping on BL, those grey bits and the round 1x1 is more expensive and are hard to find these days!

Sad though that those drow don´t like to live in a peace! :wink:

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first of all: :oh3:

second: I love the pic where the girls are posing like a sport team :laugh:

third: great entrance! the door itself is looking fantastic!:thumbup:

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You simply never fail to amaze with your creations and your style is truly unique.

The band of merry girls looks funny, I love how even the torso of the Explorien Commander is getting a use in a fantasy-themed setting :D

Your mosaics are breath-taking as usual, but what I like the most is actually how you've built the main gate with those trans-blue doors in front of black archs and a white wall behind them - it looks completely different from your usual style and perfectly fits a citadel in the plane of lawful good outsiders :)

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I'm loving that inside. I really like the ceiling mosaics.

I'd also like to see a better picture of the floor and how you used arches.

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I never dreamed that a red castle could look so amazing! Those ceilings, floors and doors are awesome!:thumbup:

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Just a little intro for the celestials that will come: this is planetar.



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Angeli, this castle is a jaw-dropper already. It's going to be amazing. :thumbup: Love the sports team photo, and those doors are brilliant, I thought they were painted until I read Abu Dun!

^ What are you using for wings on Planetar? Another superb custom minifig from you!

We will send a trade representative when the celestial palace opens


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For wings I used some bionicle part, I do not have time to search for it now, but you can miss it, it has only one color: white with blue (like on the picture:)

I do not think this town is going to survive that long, now when Drow know about it. Look, they already sent their representative, but that is just a ruse, and attack is already underway. You will see in a pictures when I find time to upload them, all celestials are well armed :)

And now, the Faceless:



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In Elesee - Luna there are few main types of celestials: Angels, Arch-angels, Devas, Solars, Planetars, Aasimars and Celadrin and Fey'ri.

Angels are most common type of celestials. They bear celestial touch through many different physical features, like all others residents of Elesee - Luna. Beauty is one of them.



Arch-angels are stronger, sturdier, more warlike type of celestials, usually found in heavy armor, regarded as champion warriors. You would not like to meet arch-angel on a battlefield.



Devas are scholars of the celestials, slim, tall, beautiful with wisdom in every move or spoken word.



Solars are powerhammers of the celestials. They are always first on the battleline, their voice can make wicked tremble and loose will to fight, and their eyes can see all the sins written on your soul, and they usually have enormous swords and four wings, but that does not have to be a rule. Do not be fooled by their names, Solar of love or of friendship, they are the most destructive power among celestials - but, only the wicked should tremble, right? :)



Planetars are leaders of celestial armies. Mighty and powerful, they are pride of every good aligned force. There is no more then one in this heavenly city. He can be recognized by his wings, if nothing more


Aasimars are descendants of the celestials and humans; human-based planetouched. They do not have wings, but have some of the divine in their looks and behaving.




Celandrin are descendants of the elves and celestials. They've regained all the best features from both races, and are support force on the battlefield.




Fey'ri are descendants of the elves and some type of fiend, but not all of them are evil - those who are good, find their home in moonkeeps and suncastles (yup, after this I will make a suncastle:)). Sometimes they keep some of the fiendish attributes, but looks are not so much important in this city... although almost everybody is astonishly beautiful...





I do not know if you notice it, but I like to make two sets of minifigs: purist ones and ones with items from brickforge, bricktw, arealight and brickwarriors. So, I've made them posing: first picture is totally purist celestials, and on the second, with custom accessories. Personally, I never mix lego with anything else, except with this four customizes, that are making parts exclusively for lego minifigs. Third picture - all together :)


...humans... so easily corrupt. It is not the Drow that are making diversion - human mercenaries do. But more about them later ;)

What is your favorite celestial? Remember, there could be more to come ;)

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Heh, your group shot cracks me up with the two in the front having a headbutting competition... a wild bunch indeed! :laugh: You certainly have set yourself a challenge, making a celestial keep out of red and black, but your architecture is starting to point the way - those stunning black relief traceries for instance, look very Elvish to me! :thumbup: I like the incorporation of the white stripes and gold-topped towers too.

But it's your profusion of amazing characters that really catch my eye - i love them all! I think my favourite (so hard to pick just one though) is the Solar with the kitty. :thumbup:

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Very nice figs! Love the names and I was always into the christian lore with the angels and arch-angels (although there is only one named arch angel), so thats why I like the angels and arch angels most. Cant wait to see the entire building with the figs and story.

I might even use your story of the city on the clouds in my background story, it really is appealing, if thats okay with you offcourse! I'll give you full credit offcourse.

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Ofcourse it is ok :)

And, my dear historicians, the Drow are not underground, sleeping and doing nothing ;)




(no rest for the wicked:))

Elesee-Luna is (slowly) growing:





Also, a tropfy arrived from Siercon and Coral, and I will try to follow their line while making statues for heavenly garden :)


(this was made by Siercon and Coral:))

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Great stuff! I especially like the spiral made of arch-halves, and the one with the chains. And nice trophy from Siercon and Coral!

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haha, great stuff Angeli. Love that floor and the windows. Those glass doors and black pool are going to provide an awesome interior as well. Will your city be finished on time?

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