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tjb tyranno

Hello! My name is Tjb Tyranno!!

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hi hi hi! My username is Tjb Tyranno!

T - Tyrant

J - Justified

B - Beast

Let me tell a little bit about myself please:


Well, I'm in grade 6 and I'm a big fan of dinosaurs. I have every single Lego Dinosaur set. I have 2 Prehistoric Creatures designer sets (4507) and I have some Bionicles and I also have some Knight's Kingdom sets. Oh ya and I also have that Jurassic Park III Studio set (which they've stopped selling) and I'm going to soon buy the new 2005 Dinosaur sets ONCE they come out I hope. Right? RIGHT? :$

Prehistoric Creatures V.S Titan XP


X:D T -Rex: :-D "haha! you think you could be me? you're only a robot!" :-D

:^^ Titan XP: >-| "be quiet! for I shall destroy you!"

X:D T- Rex: :/ 8-| "o, im so scared!" :/ 8-|

:^^ Titan XP: :D "Ya, you should be!" :D

X:D T -Rex: :D "haha joking! TIME TO RIP YOU APART YOU METAL DICK" >:(

:^^ Titan XP: |-/ "yeah yeah, lets get this over with" |-/




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Welcome! personally, i like titan XP better than the t rex. ive never really been one for dinos

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