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Well, after seeing the post your own art topic, I thought this would be an good topic. :sweet:

Under a chestnut tree,

Lie some blackberries,

Black as doom,

Dark as a unlit room,

Fat as my thumbs,

Tastier than a plum,

Oh so sweet,

To hungrily eat!

What do you have, Eurobricks?

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What a great idea for a topic. I'm surprised no one else has replied! :classic:

I like your poem. It's simplicity is attractive, and while the imagery is "harmless", I can hardly think of a controversial way to describe blackberries. :wink:

I have a poem of my own I'd like to share. I know poems are supposed to be interpreted in your own way, but I'll have to give you something to go on as it's part of a larger story: it's about an old mechanic who takes in hurt animals and builds them new body parts - which later turns into a grotesque, violent obsession.

Sway within reach,

The flutter of jays,

To sleep and beseech,

Less tiresome days

By gun or by cub,

The bickering doves,

In love all the same.

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A poem for my creative writing course- the theme is Olympics:

To represent is to compete,

to compete is to be special.

To be special is to be a contender

and to be a contender, you need determination.

The surging crowds

and the flickering light of beauty

wrapped around your neck.

Whether it be the running

or the throwing of spears,

a race in water

or traversing across a desert,

there is victory in sight.

Competition is what makes us,

it lights the fire within our souls.

and to light the fire within our souls,

Is to light the Olympic torch.

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