MOC - my first Modular buildings

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These two are my first modular buildings. I prefer the modern style and consider myself to be untalented compared to others. Most of my building has been fire trucks (Kyola Fire & Rescue).

The print house is the 5th version. It started out as a non modular building for my train groups display back in 2005. Since then i have rebuilt several times, adding height and other features. Around version 3 i made the floors modular so they could be restacked easily and was on a raised baseplate. Version 4 was the start of the modular connections, and version 5 is as shown. In Australia Penguin is a book publisher and this was a spin on that. The building was inspired by the model train building "Walthers Cornerstone printhouse" I found in their reference catalogue.

original version:


version 5




I am working on the footpath & foyer, just trying to work on the tiles now.

The apartment building is my other project. Its 5 stories with commercial/retail space on the ground floor. It has a pool deck above the retail and a top level garden (yet to be completed)



With work, family, volunteer commitments I have a few hours a week to tinker & build so these are far from finished. but would like to share and get your thoughts.

Some more of the photos can be found here:


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Very nice! Could you insert images instead of links to make look through easier?

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Interesting yet nice and colourful modulars 'coghilla'. :thumbup:

Any interior shots of the printers building ? :wink:

Be great to see the uncompleted structure......well, completed. :wink:

Brick On 'coghilla' ! :classic:

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thanks for the kind words. 80's? well okay never thought of the era, but know you say that I could agree. Internals of the print house started in version 3.

- Ground floor was the delivery dock with no internals (now completely remodelled, not finished so no pics). It is now the delivery dock and main foyer.

- First floor is the main print room & is two stories high. This will now have a floor hatch to the ground floor dock area.


- Second floor is mostly a void space over the print room, with a lunch room over looking the lower floor. This level has a overhead gantry crane to help load the digital print press.


- Third floor is open office spaces


- Forth floor is office spaces with executive offices and board room.


- Fifth floor is the roof with machinery and some water tanks on top. A/C service technitions currently on site. Glad the building manager is not paying by the hour for the repairs...


As this can be used in my Lego groups train display i still need to install some lighting (christmas trees leds). Also the fire escape at the rear of the building needs to be completed umm started.

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Great work coghilla .

The buildings are fantastic.

The colours of the apartment block place it firmly in Surfers Paradise back in the 80s; very realistic.

I love the humour in the name of the publishing house; 'polar bear' instead of 'penguin'. :laugh:

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