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This is my first micro-scale creation. Below are some statistics and detailed pictures:

City map:


Dimensions: 32 x 40 studs

River runs through the city

Main gate with drawbridge

3 bridges inside the city

4 districts:

Main residential district

City castle, home of Jarl Nibelung, with surrounding gardens and a seperate guest house.

33 lots / houses

Central square



Cathedral district

Cathedral / church with graveyard

13 lots / houses


White city (economical district)

White bridge, houses and outside wall

14 lots / houses


Slums district

Seperated by inner city walls

Shipyard near the river bank

Central square

22 lots / houses



2 fields

1 orchard


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Nice build! I like the cathedral and the church and the distinctiveness of each district. Some great ideas here!

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Nice build! Some great ideas here!

Indeed, like the trees inside the city and the way you've made the orchard. Well done! :classic: Only a small thing, the rivers trough the city are a well executed idea, but it does make our great capital vulnerable when in war.

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