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Hi all! My name is Niels Andersen you can just call me Niels. I imagine my MOC first on the site - Dragon. This MOC is one of my twelve MOC - Guardsmen, under the title "Guards Artakha name" (in the future I will be called simply "The Guard"). Dragon - the first member of the "Guard", as well as its ringleader (not counting the founders).

I shall quote from my story - "sp√łgelser fra fortiden" or "ghosts of the past" if the English.

In the story of the founders of the "Guard" tell their subordinates what they are. Because Aqua Magna, to put it mildly, knocked on Bara Magna, they (the guards) have lost memory.

And while you're reading this, I ... What can I do this?

80,000 years ago

I first attended Karda Nui. There I found future Dragon. Av-Matoran who dreams of the adventures of grasping at any chance to implement them. So here he asked me to take it with you.

-I case is more important than teaching a Matoran. - said Makuta Magna.

After several days of lodging at the auto-Matoran, we still went to look Artakha. Over there, we did not come back. And in vain, yet we did not have one auto-Matoran into a biological existent without a hint of iron armor or mechanical joints. Av-Matoran were unable to help him and he left the Karda Nui.

70,000 years ago

He traveled until it ran for one. There, he helped several assistants The shadowed one , hoping that would destroy the leader of the dark dragon hunters. He agreed. Dragon went to Mata Nui then unknown. But he remembered that there is a place, and the place is a treasure, a treasure can solve all his problems. He flew to the island Ninrah, where he is given the armor and weapons. The dragon went to the island of Voya Nui hoping to steal the mask of life. The curse is come upon him, and, Ignika turned him into a mess is not friendly material. Then I went to Voya Nui. I made it a body which he now and Ignika put in place. Fortunately, I knew that she must not touch. Then I took you in and for education, despite the protests of my brother.

The story goes on behalf of one of the founders of the "Guards." No one will recall that I had wanted to? I remembered the image! Now all will, I hope.

P. s. I later tell who was the dragon under foot


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it sounds very interesting but I can not view it because the folder is not public.

if you need some tips on how to deeplink images here is a tutorial

It is pretty good but the chest section needs some work. Can't wait to see some of your other mocs.

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