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After a little break from building cars, I'm back with the Ecto 1, the Ghostbuster's converted 1959 Cadillac Futura Hearse/Ambulance. There are alot of good Lego Ecto 1's on the web but I felt that they were all missing something - the space to actually fit the Ghostbusters. My one can fit the three original Ghostbusters (in a "T" shape - two minifigures at the front and one at the back), has opening doors, a space to fit two proton packs and is my first 7-wide car!



And some more shots showing the features and functions. The interior has dashboard, a Ghost-monitor I added for fun and space in the back for proton packs.

I hope you liked my Ecto 1 and comments and suggestions for improvement are welcome as usual!

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Thank you lightningtiger and gotoAndLego! Any ideas for another movie car that I could build? I was thinking about making the General Lee or the A-team van.

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Good job! I like the moovie and cartoons and your car is very recognizable. Oh whant to see the ghoost busters tonight once more :cry_happy:

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