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MOC: Hatchet

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Hatchet was a doctor in the Terrorcon army during the Galactic War (2365-2367) and worked at a POW camp for capture soldiers that survived. It was there that he got his nickname "The Doctor of Doom" as he had captives sent into his lab and never to be seen again. But some capture soldiers did escape the POW camp and soon word began to spread about this twisted Terrorcon doctor. Near the end of the war, the Gamma Unit led by Commander Vapour storm the camp and captured the doctor. Though they also saw countless bits of body parts and learned he tortured many before cutting them up and melting the bodies down.

In 2368, he was to be marched in front of a wall and be killed by laser fire. But that never happen as he escaped and been on the run for nearly fifty years. He's since hooked up with Reaper's (Core Hunter) Terrorcon Rebel unit. He's a legend to the Terrorcon Rebels, though some of his war stories are a bit sick. He made even Deviot walk away after he nearly puke up oil. He's so hated by the Legotron forces that every soldier has the order to kill him on sight without command. One day he was found during battle by the Hazard Unit and Gear tossed an thermal grenade at him and destroyed his head. Oddly he survived that and since had a new head from one of Impact's drones.

Hatchet's only real friend is Afterburn, which came from working together during several missions.




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This has got to be one of my favorite villains you have done. the chest design is cool and all of those spikes on him add great detail. overall I rate it an 8/10

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