Mitgardian Prime Minister Election

Prime Minister Vote  

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  1. 1. Who do choose to support for Prime Minister:

    • Eric Grimmson (kabel)
    • Balruf Whiteman (Blaze)
    • Willihard 'Mitt' Mittenlander (Khorne)
    • Giberte Henriche (darkdragon)
    • Jachleël Sered (Ecclesiastes)
    • (Gondabuggan)
  2. 2. What guild do you call home?

    • Mitgardia
    • Avalonia
    • Nocturnus
    • Kaliphlin
    • None of the above
  3. 3. What issues matter most to you most this election? (Choose all that apply)

    • Taxation
    • Autonomy from the High King
    • Fair treatment of minority magical beings
    • Mitgardian battle readiness and security
    • Others

Recommended Posts

Guildsmenn, let us lead the way in popular government in the Guilds by being the first to have a parliamentary body with a democratically elected prime Minister!

I announce: The Parliamentary Election!

What is it? --> A chance for any Mitgardian to create a small campaign (1 post long) and present his/her candidacy for prime Minister of Mitgardia!

Who can run, and who can vote? --> Any Mitgardian Guildsman can run for the post, and all EB members are eligible to vote!!

Why vote for a parliament when wee have a Jarl?[/b][/color] --> The wisest ruler recognizes that his power comes from the people he leads; thus it is a good idea to know that their voice is heard through an official governing body.

When is the vote being held? --> The candidates will have a week and 2 days. (Until March 10th) to create a campaign post (described below) write a short speech, and post it in this thread. Voting will take place between March 10th and March 11th, the Guildsman with most votes wins and becomes the first Prime Minister of Mitgardia!

How is the vote being held? --> Cast your votes in the poll right here!:thumbup:

How do I enter my candidate in the running? --> Basically you post 1 single post in this thread. It must include:

1) A picture of your candidate, (could be just candidate, or a full scene, but he/she must be the dominating figure. Please don't post giant photos.)

2) Write a shot description on their history, why they are running and what changes they hope to bring.

3) Have a fun slogan, or campaign promise. ( lower ale prices, no more orc riots etc)

4) Once a few candidacies are posted you may take a stab at one or more of the other candidates by spreading rumors, attacking their credential or just calling them troll-witted. (If you choose to take the high road you may ignore this section, but what fun is that? :grin:)

Let's have fun with this! :thumbup:

Post your campaigns Below!

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Fellow Mitgardians,

once again the Jarl has asked us to cast our votes to determine who is to become the next Prime Minister of our precious realm. And as obedient subjects, as well as proud citizens, we shall answer the call of our omnipotent great monarch.


Therefore, this spring I, Eric Grimmson, son of Thoralf Grimmson, declare my candidacy for the upcoming elections. I promise that I will be the best PM Mitgardia has ever had and I will especially start focusing on the drow issue. But before I get to this, let me introduce myself:

I was born and raised as the son of a noble man residing near Helgestorp but I actually never lost contact with the working class. During the semester breaks at Valholl University (VU – Go Vikings!!!) I worked as a rafter to actually earn all the tuition to be paid, by myself!


During my military service I was quickly appointed messenger to the Western regions


and actually gained recognition as a tough drow fighter.


As a natural language talent, my major at the VU was the languages and cultures of Historica, I was sent on mission to Mpya Stedor, Kaliphlin, where I earned a lot of credentials as a serious business men negotiating win/win deals most of the time.


Having returned from this mission, I finally settled in Valholl, where so far I have served one term representing Helgestorp in the Mitgardian Thing. I am a member of the No-Nonsense party, whose goal is to abolish witchcraft, slaughter as many drow as possible and teach the orcs how to behave as citizens, and not as the kind of savages the pretend to be.


I’m married and I’ve got two teenaged sons who are eagerly awaiting their time in the Mitgardian forces.

So If you too say NO TO DROW you should make me your new Prime Minister

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Is that Lord Olaf without his beard in the last pic?

This thread is for posting campaigns only, please discuss it in the Mitgardia thread.

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Hereby I, Balruf Whiteman, make myself electable as Prime Minister of mighty Mitgardia.


"Let Mitgardians take care of themselves!"

My Political programme is mainly focused on the Ministery of Interior and Kingdom (Jarl in this place) Relations.

I am going to make sure that you Mitgardians are going to pay less and get more in return! That sounds ridiculous, doesn't it?! It's not! By lowering the taxes to the High King and the import of Kaliphlin/Avalonian/Nocturnian(Is that the correct word?) goods/products and highering the productivity and self-sufficiency of our own products and work, I will make sure that there will be close to none unemploymentship in Mitgardia. And offcourse with more work, there is more income and with more income there is more profit!

But enough of the political talk. I will let some of the townspeople say something. You can relate to them way more easily than to my decadent talk about self sufficiency and unemploymentship.


Smithy Glenn and worker Nils

Glenn: "Me and my brother Nils here, we were unemployed for a very long time, eh Nils!"

Nils: "Yeah, but then Lord Balruf came!"

Glenn: "Yes, he used his money to make the small town of Breezerock into a trading route. He built a market, a blacksmith and lots more. And make me in charge of the Blacksmith! Wow what a great man!"


Bandit Seth and guard Rook

Seth: "I used to go and steal whatever I wanted. If it was shiney, it was mine! But than that stupid Balruf came and brought the cityguards to Breezerock."

Rook: "Me and my brother were first very poor merchants, but by the captains of Balruf's personal army, we were trained to become townguards."


Elder Kor and berserker Glashruk

Glashruk: "Aaargh! Grrruaghkraaa. Sqraaahaakaka..."

Kor: "Don't mind him, a great guard, but defineatly no speaker. What I wanted to say. My clan of orc warriors set camp on the hills of mount Breeze for a very long time. We have been in quarrel with the townsmen for as long as I can remember, but than Balruf the Great came. He invited us for a meeting with the town leaders and didn't let us out before the arguement was settled. Now we live in peace and even trade with the men and women of Breezerock! What a great man!"

So if you want a good leader with the skills needed for the job? Choose Balruf and Mitgardia will blossom, just like Breezehome did!

"Let Mitgardians take care of themselves!"

Directors cut: Sorry for the photo quality, I used my phone because my girlfriend took the powerhouse camera with her to Africa boehoe. She'll be back in two weeks, so after that I can make good pics.

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"Hello there fellow Mitgardians, dearest of friends. It is that time again. The time where our noble Jarl Nibelung asks his loyal subjects to cast their vote and chose someone who can let their voice be heard in our great Thing! I can be that man. Vote for me, Willihard 'Mitt' Mittenlander, and together we will make Mitgardia prosper."

"Let's put the 'Mitt' back in 'Mitgardia'!"


Willihard 'Mitt' Mittenlander is mostly known from his various business enterprises' date=' the most well-known being 'Mittenlander Trading Company', 'Mittelander Banking Company', 'Flip Floppers' Whaling' and many others. This wealthy enterpreneur has not always been on top of the chain. He was born into a lowly Mitgardian family, to a [b']Norse mother and colonist father[/b].

He worked hard and long and made his way up. Due to his hard labour he was able to attend the prestigious "Omurtag Dwarven School of Economics" and earned his degree in Economics, among other things.

Later he married into the influential Redmayne family, steeping his pockets with gold even more. He is a daring entrepreneur and is not afraid of taking risks to make money. Therefore, he is very well-loved in the County of Flomren, where the language of money is the lingua franca.

Dissatisfied with the current state of things in Mitgardia, Mitt joined the influential Grand Old Free Moneygrabbers Party. He has a great team behind him that has brought many innovations to the political campaigning theatre. Among these are printed posters and painted wooden buttons people can put on their shirts to show their support. His innovative spirit has helped raise his popularity among the common man.

Mitt is most known via his catchy slogans, such as:



"As your candidate I want to make Mitgardia prosper! We have the goods to make a wealthy kingdom, but they are being horribly mismanaged! Therefore, instead of having Mitgardia as the number one of wealthy nations, we have to let those Kaliphlin merchants pass. No, friends, choose me and Mitgardia will prosper. It takes a man who knows the economy, to save the economy!"


"How will I do so, you might wonder! Well, first of all, these taxes are too damn high! Lower taxes mean businesses will prosper and labour will become cheaper. New trade agreements should be brokered that will enlarge our markets, that way more good will need to be produced which mean more work and jobs for us Mitgardians!"

"Of course, our pristine and great nation turns others green with envy and makes them emigrate their country to profit from our riches. I know, Mitgardia was built in the free spirit of colonization, but I say NO to those coming here wishing to defile our nation, values and liberties. You either adapt or leave! Instead of allowing just about anyone to settle here, we should try to attract the best and brightest, people who can help empower our beloved and dearly country!"

What about those Drow, Mitt, what will you do about them?

"Yes, I have heard of these nasty creatures referred to as 'Drow'. I promise you here and know, when you elect me, they will no longer be of concern. An aggressive foreign policy should be pursued against them and all others who oppose the might of Mitgardia. Plus, the government shouldn't lay a finger on our right to bear arms! The right for self-defense is part of the Mitgardian spirit, take it away and you destroy a piece of Mitgardia. Do you want that? Do you want the government to take away your weapons? NO! Every Mitgardian should have the right to bear arms and thus be able to defend his home from the invaders. On top of that, I will instate tighter border controls, not profiteer will jump our border to defile this great nation! Illegal immigrants will be sent back at once, except if they have anything good to offer tha will aid our renewed growth. This era will be our era, the era of great Mitgardia!"

And what about domestic issues in Mitgardia? What will you do about the stressed relations between native Norse, races such as Orcs and colonists?

"We of Mitgardia should strive for a greater cooperation between the different peoples living here. We mostly share the same values, so I don't see why we wouldn't be able to live together. Vote for me and I will bring you jobs and prosperity, a common goal that will unite us all!"

What's your stance on the King and his state?

"I have no qualms with our great and beloved King, but I do strongly believe we should cut central government spendings. A small government is a cheap government. Money not spent on taxes means more money to be invested in our businesses! More business means more work, jobs and money. Prosperity is yours for the taking, friends!"

Remember folks, if you believe in Mitgardia, then VOTE MITTENLANDER!


This message is approved by:


"Put the 'MITT' back in 'MITGARDIA'!"

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My minister still has to go to the painting-master for a nice shot off himself. So he will be joining the election-fight tomorrow!

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Giberte Henriche announcing my candidacy for Mitgardia's Prime Minister!


Like Many of you, I come from a farming family right here in the heart of Mitgardia. My father and brothers all fought in the great war to bring peace to our lands.


Left at home to care for the children and elderly of the village, I worked hard to create defenses for our village in case of attack. We tirelessly toiled every day keeping the farms running while our strongest men went to war.


In my village, as I'm sure in yours, we learned quickly that cooperation is an important part of community. Whether it be with neighbors or traders from nearby towns, squabbles had to be settled fairly yet quickly to keep the greater peace. Even people with two different views and backgrounds can get along and find common ground if they want to.

Let us not be ensnared by the whims of a selfish ruler! I believe in keeping Historica the peaceful land it has become through the blood, sweat, and tears of our forefathers. We have worked too hard as a people to let our differences escalate into war. Yes, there are problems with the Drow, we all know they are power-hungry. Do you really think the His Majesty, The High King would allow them to take over any of our guilds? Even their own guild leader has crushed Drow rebellions. It's all fanciful talk and actions from them. Even worse is the warmongering from those who would seek to attack them now.

Humans, Orcs, Dwarves, Elves, and even Drow are all thinking beings and are capable of coexisting together peaceably. There is no point in wasting our time, gold, and most importantly the LIVES of our husbands, brothers, and CHILDREN on fighting between the guilds or the peoples of our guilds!


We need to focus on the real issues facing the people of Mitgardia! Our strongholds must be fortified from foreign invaders, our armies better equipped and better trained! Our people must be well-fed! Warm clothing, hot food, and cold ale should be within reach of every citizen!

Join me for lower taxes on our farmers so that they may spend more gold improving their lands and producing more food for our great nation! Plentiful exotic goods as merchants are encouraged to import from foreign lands to small villages and large cities alike! Stand with me as we move to create a brighter future. A better future. Where every person, from the greatest warrior to the lowliest peasant, has a voice!

Now come up one and all, have a fresh apple from my family's orchard! Remember on voting day…

Stand with Henriche! Stand with Mitgardia!


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Jachleël Sered for becoming prime minister.


Jachleël Sered comes from a fishermen-village near Ondylion. He's from a hard working family. And during the years he and also his family noticed a lot of changes in Mitgardia. Most of them aren't that good. So this is a good time to stop all those changes. Let's make Mitgardia how it once was. So that we are once more:

Making our ancestors proud!

So what is changing according to the people? Jachleël Sered really listens. Going to cities and villages asking for opinions about certain issues. Here are some of the most important things he heard.

Grin Coluss from Erikson: “We were always proud because we had one of the best harbors and docks in Mitgardia. But now all men, for example Avalonia can come here. The think they can do anything they want. Like starting fights, not paying harbor-taxes. And the worst thing is no one does anything about it. I fear for the future of Erikson.”

Janise Gren from Ondylion: “I feel ashamed. These days it is not uncommon that a Mitgardian girl comes home with someone from Kaliphlin. It is outrageous. Our Mitgardian blood has to be pure! Let’s keep it this way!”

Terris Harni from a small village: “Everyone knows taxes are needed, but it is a shame that the old folks still have to pay a large amount. Although they have a strong Mitgardian heart. Their hearts will stop beating too soon if they have to work so hard for themselves and also for Valholl.”

Yert Flonnar from Helgestorp:”Last summer was one with a lot of rain. So the harvest wasn’t that good. This winter some children and a lot of elderly died because of a lack of food. I can remember my grandfather telling me stories about strong winters without enough food. But the most important thing was that he told us, the Jarl always gave away some of his food. Last winter, I haven’t seen the Jarl or anyone from Valholl. Although there is food enough.”

Doesn't want to be named: "Those fools in Valholl decided that you will need a permit for carrying a weapon. What's this foolishness? A man should have the right to defend himself. Carrying a weapon is defenitely needed these days, with Drow and other dangerous creatures passing our borders."

Jachleël Sered : “Yes I know… It makes you wonder what our ancestors would have thought about this. I think.. No I know for sure they would blame us for turning Mitgardia into such a mess. So let’s change Mitgardia back to how it once was. So that we are: Making our ancestors proud!


So the following is definitely going to change when you vote for Jachleël Sered:

-More border patrols. Keeping people/things out of Mitgardia who are not suppose to be in Mitgardia

-Referendums will be held for all the important decisions/rules made by the Jarl and the ministers. So that the people can rule Mitgardia.

-No more taxes for the elderly who passed the age of 70.

-Food support for any village or city who’s troubled by a serious lack off food.

-No more need for a permit to carry a weapon.

-And lots more so that we are: "Making our ancestors proud!"

Edited by Ecclesiastes

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Fellow Mitgardians!* I, Cecil B. Prosperous, would like to announce my candidacy for Prime Minister.*

(Cecil B Prosperous is not a legal Mitgardian citizen, nor has he ever lived in Mitgarida. He has visited Mitgardia twice, and been imprisoned in Mitgardian jails, but this does constitute residency.)

(Cecil B. Prosperous is not eligible to run for Prime Minister, but can accept campaign donations.)

Mitgardia is a harsh place - cold, rocky, snowy, cold.. Mitgardians scrape by in their meager lives, ignorant of the ways of learned peoples, yearning for the comforts of the warmer guilds. There is much talk among Mitgardians on how to improve the lives of the common folk of Mitgardia.*

(No Mitgardians have been quoted in the following remarks, nor does this in any way state that any Mitgardian has ever stated these comments. These are merely hypothesized opinions that Mitgardians could theoretically hold.)

Some Mitgardians say "Let's move to Avalonia, their lands are lush and temperate." I say, Avalonia is crowded! They have too much food, rotting all over the countryside - the stench is horrendous!*

(There is no persistent odor or smell to Avalonia. Avalonians are actually able to sell their surplus crops for money, providing them with a comfortable income.)

Some Mitgaridans say "Let's move to Kaliphlin, their lands are warm and dry." I say, Kaliphlin is a furnace that will burn unwary travelers alive. In Kaliphlin, it is so hot that it's citizens must bathe three times a day to stay cool enough that they don't start on fire, THREE TIMES A DAY!* As all good Mitgardians know, bathing causes sickness and plagues*, that's why it's better to bathe once a year at most. And then there's the sand. Sand gets in everything: the water, the food, your clothes, your eyes - The average Kaliphlin loses their eyesight completely by the time they are 16!*

(While the temperature in Kaliphlin can reach in excess of 100 degrees, there is no evidence that anyone has ever started on fire. The heat can cause dehydration, exhaustion and other illnesses that can lead to death.)

(Studies have found that periodic bathing is in fact healthier than monthly or yearly bathing.)

(There is no statistical evidence that Kaliphlin residents lose their eyesight any faster than residents of other guilds.)

Some Mitgaridans say "Let's move to Nocturnus."* I have one word for that: Drow.

(No Mitgardian would ever say "Let's move to Nocturnus")

I know that you have eked out your existence, barely scrounging by in this frigid wasteland of rocks, trees and snow. You live a day to day life, where death could be just around the corner. Starvation, subzero temperatures, falling trees, avalanches, bears, all perils faced by Mitgardians on a daily basis.


How would you like more food than you could eat in a month? Fresh fish from the seas, fruits and vegetables, whole turkeys, meats and pastries, would you like that?


How would you like to get with the times? You ignorant Mitgardians probably don't know anything about fashion, but let's call it "fancy rich king clothes", would you like those? Would you like to be clean, and not have lice and ticks!


Do you like gold and treasure? How would you like it if every Mitgardian got a chest of riches, with which they could brag and gloat to their neighbors?


What if your world consisted of more than the hovel you've lived in for your whole pathetic life? What if you could visit far off places with your own horse and carriage loaded with mead, wine and golden goblets with which to drink?


Are you tired of living in a cave, or just a ditch? How would you like to have a roof over head, and the safety and security a house would provide?


My name is Cecil B. Properous. I was born and raised in Mitgardia* and I wish to be your Prime Minister!

(Cecil B. Properous was not born in Mitgardia, nor has he ever lived in Mitgardia.)


If you elect me Prime Minister, All of these things and more will be granted!* Please donate generously to the CBPPMF, to help work towards a better future for all of Mitgardia.

(To Cecil B. Properous only. This does not in any way guarantee any promise of goods or services, or imply that the quality of life will improve for any Mitgardian citizens.)

A vote for Prosperous is a vote for Prosperity!

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Awww nuts. Cecil would have had my vote for sure, he seems like such an upstanding Mitgardian Avalonian :laugh:

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Vote for Jachleël Sered! Because all the others told you promises they can not furfill.

Eric Grimmso, says; he will slaugher all the drow. This is very dangerous, because Historica is in peace now! Let's keep it this way!

Balruf Whiteman says; lets take Mitgardians take care of themselves. This is bad diplomacy, for example we do need oil from Kaliplin!

Willihard 'Mitt' Mittenlander says; Lower taxes for a wealthy kingdom. This promise is made by a lot of men before him. This can not be done! Also it's more important to have a healty kingdom than a wealthy kingdom! It's not all about the money.

Giberte Henriche says; she is willing to help you with labour. She will not when she is a minister, because there's simple no time for helping than!

Jachleël Sered says;

-More border patrols. Keeping people/things out of Mitgardia who are not suppose to be in Mitgardia. So everyone is welcome, accept when not following Mitgardian laws.

-Referendums will be held for all the important decisions/rules made by the Jarl and the ministers. So that the people can rule Mitgardia. The best way to rule our Mitgardia.

-No more taxes for the elderly who passed the age of 70. The elderly are highly respected in Mitgardia. So lower the taxes.. Never gonna happen. But this I can make happen!

-Food support for any village or city who’s troubled by a serious lack off food. Valholl has enough! Every year to much food is getting burned because it began to rot. Better to feed those who need it.

-No more need for a permit to carry a weapon. A foolish rule, everyone has to be able to defend himself!

So no false promises? Vote Jachleël Sered

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"So there's this one guy who says we all make promises we can't keep. Well, he's wrong! The others all make promises they can't keep! I, MITT, am the sole candidate with a decent plan. Vote for me and Mitgardia WILL prosper. I will pave the way for a Mitgardian era!"


Harder, better, faster, stronger

"The drow must be stopped, I agree with you there. But slaughtering them, isn't that a tad bit over the top? I say we pursue an aggressive policy against them and keep them out of our land, but we don't necessarily need to chase them to their lands. My statement doesn't mean I provoke a war in times of peace, I merely wish to defend the homes of Mitgardians! Alas, apparently anti-patriotic forces are at work hear in the form of appletree-huggers and people who care little for their country. Are those the people by whom you wish to be represented? I think NOT! Vote MITT, because I DO care about you and our sublime nation!"

"They say I have nothing to offer. They say health is more important than wealth. I say, wealth buys health! Have you ever seen a unhealthy prosperous man? I think not! Now let's turn to those without the funds. What do you see? They are miserable, sick and unhealthy, because they can't afford proper medicine. Why, because the TAXES ARE TOO DAMN HIGH!

They however, the taxes can't be lowered. They are wrong! The opposition DOES NOT WANT to lower the taxes, because they profit from them too much! There's thing one guy who tries to play you into believing he actually cares about lowering taxes. His idea is not to tax anyone above the age of 70. That is an empty promise! Get real, few make it above the age of 70! He is trying to manipulate you! Vote for me and I WILL LOWER THE TAXES!"


Put the MITT back in Mitgardia!

"And there's that foolish candidate who says Mitgardia should rely on itself and become self-sufficient. I mean, that's your textbook example of someone who knows NOTHING of the economy! Protectionism hurts the nation and its economy, our future is in free markets! Do you want someone that ignorant to dictate the economy? I think not! Vote for me, MITT, and the economy will be saved! Together we will prosper!"

"I do not gave you false promises or one-time gifts such as a simple apple! I bring you ideas and I will gift you a better future! I will not bribe you by promising that I will come and do your farmwork for you, I stand here and say that we will ALL work for a better future. That is what you and Mitgardia deserves!"

"The idea of referendums sure seems nice in theory. I makes us feel like part of the system and that we have a say. BUT, referendums on all matters are unrealistic! They cost TOO MUCH to organize and impede the decision making. It will take months to make new laws. Months that will stall our advance and will hurt our pockets! Instead of installing referenda, I suggest to take away some power from the central government and distribute it among the counties!"


This message is approved by:


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Dear Mitgardians,

as you take to the polls today, I would like you to remember of what your choices are:

Would you like to vote for

a witch?

(the picture has just vanished, isn't that prove enough?)

a traitor?


a criminal?


an immature womanizer and drunkard?



an experienced leader of the Mitgardian armed forces?


Well, if your sick of all these political clowns and wannabe politicians

vote for



the true Mitgardian

and always remember:

Say No to Drow!

Edited by kabel

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"Fellow citizens! Today is a sad day for politics. One of my opponents has so little to offer you and our great nation, that he decides instead to falsely accuse me and other candidates of heinous deeds. He dares call me a criminal! Outrageous! Who is the criminal here? I, the man who wants only the best for Mitgardia or ERIC GRIMMSON, THE MAN WHO SEND THOUSANDS OF MITGARDIANS TO THEIR DEATHS IN UNNECESARY WARS!?"

"I can only say one thing about the painting that was released earlier. The others are just jealous that hopefull supporters of mine willingly donate funds to help my campaign. There is no foul play whatsoever safe for the actions of Grimmson!"


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So they say I'm a warmonger!

Well Mitgardians, it's been shown before where apeasement leads to, and I can only remind you of the incidents revolving one of our border towers a few years ago:


So No to Drow! what else could be the solution to make this nation proud again?

Lower taxes? Sure, make the richest even richer, because it's them who profit not You!

Decrease import duties? Right, and have cheap Avalonian lumber flood our markets putting our rafters and lumber men out of buisiness! Kaliphlin Mead? - Guys we inveted that stuff in the first place!!

Have witches and magicians take control? No more freedom for you pal, because magic is Nocturnian and leads to a quick take over by the evil guys!!!

If being a warmongers means to care for Mitgardia, well let them call me a warmonger!

No to Drow!


Eric Grimmson

Edited by kabel

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Again prove that we Kaliphlins are the most diplomatic minded of all the Guilds, there are the same amount of voters from Kaliphlin as from Mitgardia at this moment of writing! :laugh:

Of course this has some reasons related to trading and influences and so on :wink:

I love the mudslinging which is going on now :thumbup:

Even Eric Grimmson went to my city of Mpya Stedor himself to rally for his campaign and convinced many of my citizens, Willihard Mittenlander won the election in Mpya Stedor thx to the lobbying of some powerful people who found it intersting they can communicate with him in their own language (Flemish).

The results in Mpya Stedor were:

- Balruf Whiteman: 10% ----- (Mostly the fleshcoloured minority voted for him, maybe thx to his last name)

- Eric Grimmson: 35%

- Giberte Henriche: 1% ----- (only my cook and the appletrader voted for her)

- Gondabuggan: 10% ----- (many protestvoters who found it stupid to vote for another Guild)

- Jachleel Sered: 7% ----- (the vikings, berserkers and some other Norsemen of Mpya Stedor were supporting him)

- Willihard Mittenlander: 37%

So Willihard Mittenlander gets the vote of Mpya Stedor!

Edited by DaMaximus

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Dwarfs for Grimmson!!

So they say Grimmson is a racist because he hates the Drow and believes that Magic is bad for Mitgardia! Well, the dwarfes of this country can certainly say that Grimmson is the only one who listens to us!! Sure, we work underground a lot, but doesn't that make us so vulnurable to all kinds of dark creatures (inclunding drow)? But is it not us who are the backbone of the Mitgardian industry and aren't we the ones who really should know what's going on undereath?

So Mitgardians, trust us, the dwarfs of the Mitgardian mountains, for we too say NO TO DROW


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Great to see some democracy in Historica! And very good campaigns of worthy candicates!

I am very happy to see that most of the voters (at least at the moment) are from Kaliphlin. I am sure we will be able to have some favorable influence on taxation/trading/foreign politics. (Or let's just decide to make Mitgardia a snow resort of Kaliphlin!)

Edit: Don't worry Mitgardians, I am just kidding. It's feels interesting to be a Mitgardian citizen today. I am really sweating in the sun...

Edited by Christoph

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I cant decide yet to who my vote will go.

Decisions, decisions...

It is a shame Prosperous is not elegible. :tongue:

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"I'd like to take a moment to thank all those people who have voted for me thus far. Thank you! It warms my heart to see all of those people who genuinely care for the future of Mitgardia!"



Testimonials of Mitgardians, commoners and entrepreneurs alike. They like to voice their opinion on why Mitt carries away their vote.


"My name is Olaf Haroldson. I am part of the traditional Norse native population living in Mitgardia. Once I feared for my life and my job. Bandits roamed the countryside and none cared to do something about it. I even lost my job as a lumberjack to some foreigner who did my work for half the wage, even though he was illegal. Apparently the government seems to care more for immigrants than for the safety and well-being of its own! Luckily, as a Norseman, I was able to repel those bandits that attacked my village and home thanks to my own weapons and customs of traditional endemic warfare. However, now I fear for my future. The government seeks to abolish the right to bear arms and wishes to do away with most of our traditional values and customs as to create a homogenous Mitgardian population. Luckily, Mitt is there to stand up for our rights! He is in favour of stronger border controls and wants to protect traditional Mitgardian values, such as the right to bear weapons! I believe in Mitt!"


"Hi, my name is Shrek and I am an Ogre! Do not fear, I will NOT eat you alive nor will I bleed you dry! That job is already being taken care of by the government who make us pay tons of useless taxes. As an Ogre, I feel visioned by Valholl. They are fearfull of my race and make us pay all kinds of stupid surplus taxes such as "the Mean and Green" tax. Because of my large size I even have to pay some sort of tax to help the environment! Apparently, us Ogres pollute too much when we have to fart and apparently we eat too much! Well, SORRY FOR LIVING! Thank the gods Mitt is here! He will lower the taxes for all and do away with such unnecessary "environmentalist" taxes! I mean, seriously, Global Warming? The Elves who invented that crap obviously have never travelled to the Mitgardian North. Treehuggers and silly liars I calls them!"


"I feel sorry and ashamed of my kind when I see some of my fellow Dwarves campaigning for Grimmson! Seriously what kind of self-respecting Dwarf would need to invoke the central government in Valholl to help us deal with intruders? We Dwarves are a proud martial race and do not need the others to help us in our dealings. Those Drow don't stand a chance against our skilled Dwarven legions. At least, they didn't stand a chance in the past. Lately the taxes have been raised drastically to fund all kinds of "social" projects. Valholl wishes to aid the poor and infirm! PHUH! That's what you get for being Human, fools! I nearly had to shut down my mining business because of those outrageously high taxes! I heavily considered moving South to Kaliphlin, but my love for my country prevented me from doing so! I had to heavily cut my expenses, but I was able to keep the mine running and make profit. That's how a country should be ran and Mitt knows it! We have moral responsibility not to spend more than we take in!"

avatar_clear.png"MITT MEANS BUSINESS!"

Vote for MITTENLANDER today and start on building a better tommorow!

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That Mitt guy has an extense campaign propaganda.

I am starting to like him, besides the opinion of the people is an important testimony. :thumbup:

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Fellow Mitgardians!

Enough of all this foolish political talk. If you vote for me, I promise you a free barrel of beer and a roasted chicken!


So hurry up, cast your vote and join the fun just outside the Valholl Thinghall!

Free beer for everybody and of course

No to Drow!

Eric Grimmson

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That Mitt guy has an extense campaign propaganda.

I am starting to like him, besides the opinion of the people is an important testimony. :thumbup:

You are right. So it's seems that once again the person with the money is going to win. He even claims to buy health with his wealth. I can not see a how this is going to turn out good for Mitgardia. He is even going to get more money when he's a minister. Than he will as noticed before not hold his promises!

He is even going to copy my simple technic of interviewing the people, now he noticed that only propaganda paintings won't work.

And about Eric Grimmson. Free beer for everyone... Another promise he can not hold. And thought he is accusing me for a drunk. With all that beer it's hard to believe he isn't the one who's the drunk here!

I can only say once more: vote Jachleël Sered!


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"Once again Sered displays his manipulative nature. He is a born demagogue who think the people are stupid and easily goaded into believing lies! For that is what he is telling, nothing but LIES! His political programme has little to offer for Mitgardia!"


"He says that I will win because of my great wealth. He claims that I care only about myself. I admit that I have a good life, but I toiled and worked hard to achieve that! Also, all of the candidates are really comfortable money-wise, how else would they be able to campaign and pay for all this?"

"He even acuses me of not holding my promises because I will earn money for being a Prime Minister. I wasn't aware it was forbidden to earn money? What is this guy, a WITCH? He hardly knows me, who is he tell that I don't keep promises. Why wouldn't I keep my promises? Obviously they benefit YOU MITGARDIANS MORE THAN THEY DO I! I strive to gain a better future for ALL Mitgardia, not just me!

Plus, who is to say that Jachleël will keep his promises? I could use the same weak argument and say that he will only think of himself when he receives his monthly pay check. The man's not used to dealing with money he says, so how will he run a country? Money will be spent unnecessary when you vote for him. Vote for me, Mitt, and I will make sure your hard earned gold will stay yours!"

"Apparently, I'm not even allowed to interview people. Apparently, he's the only one allowed to do so. Is this guy serious? Does he wish to abolish the FREE STATE AND DEMOCRACY? If you have a differing opinion than Sered's, you can't enjoy freedom in his eyes. Is that the future you want? A future where Valholl controls every part of your life, telling you what you can and can't do and still take your money!?"

A vote for Sered is a vote for Valholl and autocracy!



"Some are jealous of my wealth, I give you the opportunity to gather your own! As I've said before, I don't give out one-time presents such as beer or apples. I am a responsible man. That's NOT HOW YOU RUN THINGS! I give you a future in which you will have the funds to buy those goods yourself and more than once!."

So, VOTE FOR MITT! Clearly, I am the only reasonable candidate here, not filled with lies and who actually knows how to handle things!

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