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She's fast enough for you, old man.

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Hello everybody!

The second scene from my recent project is scene 31 from A New Hope where Ben and Luke hire Han and his starship for their flight to Alderaan. The scene setup is the same as before (sorry), just the characters are new. Like before, no licensed pieces are used. This is a purist project. :classic:



The scene setup


The actors: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Chewbacca (the closest I could come up with for a brick-built wookie


The next scene will have a different layout, although the cantina scenes are among my most favourite ones. :classic:

Half of the week is almost done, and soon it's week-end!


~ Christopher

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Thank you for the comments! I am glad you are enjoying the new project. :classic:

Also, what torso is used for Luke?

The torso is infact the backside of a female torso:


But I think it works perfectly here. It's very difficult to find neutral robe/tunika-like torsos which are not of a licensed theme. :classic:

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I've never seen a brick-built Chewie before......AWESOME 'Legostein'....those figures have that steam-punk feel to them don't they ? :grin:

Brick On 'Legostein' ! :wink:

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I've always been a fan of your knack for creating purist SW custom minifigs Chris, from your early Darth Vader to the recent Han Solo and Greedo and now these! This is really a testament of your creativity and resourcefulness, great job once again and hope to see more of these clever customs from you in the future. :thumbup:


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