Untainted Mystic Isle

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I'm not sure if it's allowed to do a moc of the other guilds. But I did a version of the Mystic Isles before Nocturnus setup the embassy.



Here's how we took over this shrine...

Once upon a time, a young and righteous Druid guarded the misty shrine and kept it away from the dark forces.


One day he saw a beautiful mermaid who's lost in the mist.


The poor thing looks pale and weak.


The druid instantly fell in love with her and let her in.


He was utterly infatuated by her and forgot his duty.


Little did he know that the mermaid was a puppet controlled by Ambassador Tentaclelith. :devil:


Soon Tentaclelith took over the place and setup our embassy in Avalonia.


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Great story and sad that our fine island is overrun by some dirty fellas! :wink:

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Nice, I like those trees out in the water. The shrine on top looks nice, though a bit difficult to see, being white on white.

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