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MOC: A New Mosaic

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Hello fellow Eurobricks Members,

Last time you heard for me in this zone of the forum, I was presenting my first LEGO Mosaic Work of that girl I loved and still love today if ya wanna know... :sceptic:

Despite the fact she loved the Mosaic, things didn't change between us and I keep suffering for her everyday, but that's a story for some other forum than not a LEGO one. :hmpf_bad:

Deal is, I've always been a great fan of Music in General. I use to say I love darkness but I hate silence. So I always try to keep Music around me. :thumbup:

Then there's this one artist I've been holding too a lot since early 2010, not only because I identify with her for the person she is, but mostly because her lyrics and the messages she passes through her music are ridiculously matched to my ideas of life and some situations I have been through. And I am talking of American Singer Kelly Clarkson. :thumbup:

So, a bit like I did in the first time I thought, why not merge this passion with the one for LEGO, and there we go. After a few hours with Pic to Brick, a few more in Bricklink and mostly a lot of hours applying plates, I came up with this.




Some technical details:

- 96 x 96 Studs Size;

- ~9200 Pieces (all 1x1 Plates as usual);

- 10 colors - Black, Dark Bluish Gray , Light Bluish Gray, Very Light Bluish Gray, White, Tan, Dark Tan, Medium Blue, Green e Reddish Brown;

- 32 hours of work spawned through 3 and a half months;

- Costs of around 420€;

Some generic considerations:

- I am always amazed at how the separate baseplates look like nothing and then whey they are put together the size of the thing becomes colossal; :thumbup:

- Despite the fact this Mosaic got a bit better than the last one considering i widened the color palette from 5 to 10 colors, I am still not 100% satisfied with the final work. The other one was too dark, and this one has that big white zone I don't like much. But with my continously growing experience with working with Pictobrick those problems will be solved in future works. :thumbup:

Final notes:

Well, hope you all like it. I am doing some work of sharing this all around so I can get some feedback and praise to keep me motivated to continue with these works. :hmpf_bad:

I already have a new project in line that I hope to present by July or August. It's going to be bigger and hopefully better than the previous two. :wink:

Stay cool and keep plating! :wink:


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Wow! I'm speechless....seriously, this is just impressive, all Just great.

Sorry to hear about the lady troubles. :sadnew:

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