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MOC: Uppsala Castle

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Architecture Month looks like it can be a blast so I fixed my table scrap of Uppsala Castle that I have had standing in my shelf for a while.

It's nothing fancy but I thought I should post since it's in the spirit of the month, who knows I might try something more elaborate later on.


The construction of Uppsala Castle began in 1549 and was an important place in the time of Sweden's rise to power in Northern Europe during the 16th and 17th century. Pretty soon after it was built it was turned into a Renaissance palace and became an administrative centre more then a defensive refuge. Several of very important events in Sweden's history took place here, including the Sture Murders and the abdication of Queen Kristina.

The castle suffered from a fire in 1702 and it took a long time before it was restored. The money for the restoration ran out in 1762 and the planned northern wing was never built (right in the picture).


The small thing on the right is a bell, called the "Gunilla Bell", that was placed there after the fire to serve as an alarm bell. I used a Brickarms U-clip to make it, a step away from my purist ways. :blush::tongue:




Reference pictures (I'll try and get some myself tomorrow):



Thanks for watching, now I hope to see some architecture MOCs from you too. :wink:


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Etzel, I've never seen the Castle, but you really captured the feel of it. Good job, and thanks for sharing it.

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Great recreation of the castle Etzel and the bell is really nice too! Only the sides look a bit bare - mabye use a SNOT technique for the windows?

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THIS! Is exactly what I'd like to see out of the Architecture series. Great job at replicating the real thing. Aside from the water tower(that is what it is, right?) this is spot on for an official set.

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