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indexed.gif V-LV-59C


Yup, decided to take a break from Space and made a minifig scale truck in Digital Designer.

in the new 6stud width

Side view:


If you want to have opening doors, it should be really easy to replace those side panels with the classic car door pieces.



Check under the hood!

One thing the old Classic cars didnt have...


Some very interesting stud spacing in the trunk (to get the most space between the rear wheels)


Hop in! take it for a test drive:


Costs 13.52$USD

I'd call that an almost reasonable price...

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You're pointless reply is surely cheaper than the truck :-D

Intresting construction. Though it doesn't have seat, this is something I would have expected. the price isn't bad at all, but without a minifig it might seem a little bit too high. I like the motor thing, a great idea IMO, with a lot of potential for citizen life...

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