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Narwhal and General Beta

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Yet another nine-clors-and-pick-any-animal request! This time, it was a red, blue, and green narwhal! This one was fun to make, and I even made another character with the leftover parts!


General Beta

Hope you like it! Comments and criticism are greatly appreciated! :)

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I really like the Narwhal! Limited number of pieces makes for an interesting challenge, and with the Narwhal I see you've pulled it off nicely. I like that the red, blue, and lime are all used, but none are overwhelming, and the gunmetal and silver pieces help this a lot. I wouldn't have ever thought to use a hand and a tool for a head, normally I'd think it look awkward, but here it looks rather nice. The tail bugs me a little because it is short, but again you're working with limited pieces; I think I can live with a short-tailed Narwhal.

Have you got a name for it? Perhaps.. Wally? :tongue:

Beta looks to be an interesting guy too. I like the feet as shoulder armor and as backpacks/thrusters/whatever.. makes him look bulky and well armored.I'm not a huge fan of the triple jointed legs or the backwards 'butt' armor :tongue: but again, I can live with it. Overall I rather like these two, and I hope to see more from you in future.


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