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MOC: 6-Wide Green PF Locomotive

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This build started as a concept to see if it was possible to integrate PF XL-motors (5 studs diameter) within a 6-wide body.

I figured out some alternatives:

1) SNOT:ed panels 1x2x3 between technic bricks 1x1.

2) Train doors 1x4x5.

3) SNOT:ed tiles 1x8 placed vertically.

I continued with the first alternative, and from the new Cars set 9486 I found panels 1x2x3 in Green which inspired to make a sleak locomotive in typical German or Swiss style. To show off the two XL-motors I put trans-black panels 1x2x3 on top.

By building a 6 x 34studs long locomotive, I squeezed in 2 XL-motors, a PF battery box, on e IR receiver, and a pair of LED lights in each end. In each pair, one Led goes to the upper round single light and the second enlightens a green light prism (from 7897). Front end has clear /yellow lights, and rear has red lights.

Bogies are 3axle designs, with a floating mid-axle (Inspiration comes from Railbricks issue 6 by Scott Wardlaw)which allows you to use standard PF train wheels without any o-ring modification. Each bogie is powered by a vertical XL motor to a 20T gear. Still the loco is quite slow…. Feel free to comment.






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Im curious to how you finished off the green panels - is this the 'illegal' technique of using a 1x1 technic brick? Certainly a very good design; I had struggled to find a decent set of panels to do something similar for a model once. Nice solution as always!

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As always 'Selander' your work impresses, excellent drive system and electrics too ! :thumbup:

Brick On ! :classic:

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Very good. Would b interesting to see how it went if you used cales geared up truck design.

Thanks Adrian,

bogies are actually already geared-up by using a 20T gear to drive all 12T gears.

Was it that you refer to when mentioning 'Cale' .. ?

Still, a XL-motor spins slowly.....

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