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TechnicKiwi's SMALLER Lego Unimog U400

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LegoKiwi/ CarterandCoProducts posted this

of his "Unimog U400 based off the Lego Technic 8110 Unimog. Much smaller but with all the same functions and more!

Functions include:

* Drive

* Steering

* Pneumatic Compressor

* Gearbox for front and rear PTO

* Front and rear PPTO

* Winch

* Pneumatic crane arm

Dimensions (without accessories):

Length: 40 studs (32cm)

Width: 19 studs (15cm)

Height: 59 plates (18.7cm)"

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I responded to LegoKiwi's offer on his Flickr photostream: "Unimog building instructions -- LDD building instructions for my Unimog are now available free of charge. Simply FM [Flickr Message] me your email and I'll send you the file, simple as that!" :classic:

After many days, LegoKiwi (Nicholas Carter) wrote back to me and said "Im glad you like my Unimog. Attatched you will find the [Lego Digital Designer] .lxf file [which I placed on SkyDrive for downloading]; the pneumatic parts are not there but it should be easy enough to see where they go. It is built in LDD Extended mode of Lego Digital Designer so if it does not open you will need to follow the steps in this video:



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Looks really nice, I agree that the wheels might need changing. Other than that, what a sweet MOC!

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