Artanis I

Nocturnus Desert "Embassy" ;)

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Hope I'm not too late!!! :blush:

Deep in the desert of the Siccus Badlands area controlled by the Kaliphlin Guild, a small building is being constructed to operate as a remote embassy for Nocturnians (or whatever our demonym is, I can never remember).

Under the authority of Arcanis I, Cal-Un-Owen takes charge with a small troop of soldiers. Not meant as an offensive outpost move, but as a diplomatic building able to defend itself against the nasties that roam the desert. You know, bandits & big scary monsters. Of course the dark sorcery is used to summons some of these evil beings to secretly use against the travelling Avalonian caravans. So the "embassy" thing is mostly just a front, it's just another way to do over the dumb Avalonians without them realising. So of course lava has been drawn out of the ground... :devil:

(The real reason there is no back on the building is because I ran out of parts... :blush: haha. But at least it then resembles a playset... :wink: )

Pics link to Flickr set... more photos there.





Chillin' on the roof


The office




Thanks for looking, and thanks for your comments too. :classic:

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I like it simplity, famous for Nocturnus mixed with the detailling famous for Kaliphlin! Great job :D

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Thanks guys, I enjoyed the combination of red, black, gold & tan. I tried a few new wall & decoration techniques for me with brackets and studs-on-side bricks.

I have changed the order of the photos in the set, the better ones were at the end, so all the really blurry ones have all the views, whoops. (at the moment my photos are being taken by video cameras that have no flash or focus options)

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Great detail here, the "arise" scene is genius! Very nice colour consistency too. I think the photography under-sells it a little bit with the fish-eye distortions in the first 2 shots, it somehow looks a bit un-natural - which is the opposite of what one would expect. The photoset on flickr is worth a visit for better images


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Nice little embassy Artanis I! I agree with Robuko, you certainly get a better feel for the structure from your Flickr set. I love the summoning scene! :thumbup::devil: I also quite like the sub-ground floor level with the pickets and slats - reminds me a bit of old Queenslanders.

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