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Dakar A

MOC 3 new City-style vehicles

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indexed.gif V-LV-60D to V-LV-60F

Bonjour all!

Following off L@go’s example, I have put together a sereies of vehicles, in a range of colours and types! I only have these three (and a half) built at the moment but with your coloured hood pieces and windscreens, ahem… ideas, I will be up for building more. They are three different cars, representing some of the great variety seen in the automotive market today. There’s the sleek, sporty, orange coupe. If you drive it, then you belong equaly on the track or on a public road. Built for the luxury division of a premeir auto company. This car is anything but tame. You'll know what I mean with the traction controll off!

The compact. Designed to be small enough to fit into even the smallest parking spaces, while spacious enough to take grocery shopping.

From the famous "gerbil comercial".

And the muscle car. An automotive staple since 1960, this car is designed for speed! This version is the one most faithfull to the original in recent times, while still incorporating modern comforts (and emission laws :sad: ).



The compact

This one is built off the same chassis as the smart car, except being in red. This is meant to be similar to the Honda Civic or Kia Soul. This one was a relativaly simple build, requring only a few pieces. At the end of the review, if you click the link to my flickr, you can also see a funny car version!



The sport coupe

This one is menat to be similar to the 2013 Lexus GS. Designed in orange, I sadly didn’t have an orange hood piece in that size (Unlike L@go, and the rest of the world, I only have hoods in white and red…). My own design, but many of the parts were donated by a coast guard truck. :tongue:


Car guys. Generally friendly just- "GET OFF MY CAR!!!!"


The Muscle car

A classic staple of any american film that features ANY sort of speed. Need for, or otherwise. I knew that plain white would be too bland, and I wanted to do a racing stripe, so green worked out quite nicely. It has an opening trunk, whose main purpose is tho store one of the 2x2 tiles when it is converted to the GT 500 version.


The GT 500

Developed specifically by a Mr. Shelby, this car is not only monstorously more powerfull than the orignal, it is also monstorously more expensive. Not really a different car, the 2x2 just used the trunk space quite nicely, and the cowl fit well.


A nice minifig car combo, don’t you think? The classic hairpiece is the only one that works/fits inside the car. I always seem to think of the people who own muscle cars like this. Cool, relaxed, and in a tank top…


Stoplights also double as Christmas trees for rowdy speed freaks on American roads. As anyone who lives near an intersection can attest, it is quite often easy to hear a muscle car driver or motorcyclist speeding (often quite loudly) into all hours of the night :devil: . In this case, one sports car driver who was too big for his britches got his megablocks handed to him (pardons moi français) by a guy in a muscle car with a big block engine!

Well, thanks for reading C&C welcome, as always. As I mentioned earlier on my Flickr, there are more pic's, including a Compact funny car, a trunk shot :oh: , and a speedcamera shootout.


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Very nice! I like the smart car the best! You might want to fix that editing on the first picture, though. :sick:

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I like them, as I said on Flickr, and my favourite is the orange coupé. I actually think the wedge plates work well as a bonnet instead of that 'hood piece' you mention - it makes it a bit different. And although you based it on the coast guard pickup, it's a very nice evolution and works very well the way you've built it. The small car is nice as well, but I'd add some rear lights to it (just swap two of the 1x2 red plates for 1x1 plates in red and trans-red) in addition to the brake light.

The muscle car is my least favourite - for me, it works from the windscreen forward, but I'm not a big fan of the rear, it's a bit too blocky compared to the rest of these MOCs. Room for improvement :)

Good idea to use the black tiles for burnout marks! I'd never have thought of that.

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Cool set of cars 'Dakar'. My favorites are the orang and green, though I agree with 'L@go' on its rear bumper being too square. I do like the sloped back, it looks aggressive. Maybe add some translucent light blue plates for side windows? Great job on these default_classic.gif

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